Why You Should Go With WordPress for Running Blog in 2021

Do you think that why everyone is preferring wordpress CMS to have their site live?

You will find the accurate answer in this article.

As a blogger I too created my blog on wordpress even after having the deep knowledge of development and web designing.

Can you guess why did I select wordpress for my blogging platform?

Let me solve your confusions:

  • WordPress is not free at all.
  • WordPress owners would not help me to blogging.
  • WordPress has not any secret SEO codes.
  • WordPress does not contain artificial intelligence technology.

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Hope you have got the point a little bit. Worry not further I am revealing the reason behind running my blog on wordpress.

Why to wordpress?

If You Do not Have Technical Background

WordPress is the most preferred content management system for the beginner level small business owners. Most of the people on wordpress are not technically skilled.

WordPress dashboard has very few sections to manage and operate whole website quickly. Without guidance or online course a blog/website over wordpress can be started shortly.

Think you are developer and you need to make a new webpage using PHP or Java. It may consume your whole day even then there is not guarantee that you will end up with a complete webpage at the end of the day.

But inside the wordpress, creating a new page or post is just a cake walk. Within one minute user can launch several pages and posts.

WordPress user may find it more comfortable and faster while verifying the webmaster, analytics or tag manager tools.

Rather, users can install and activate themes and plugins within a while and start using at the moment without approval.

WordPress CMS is designed for novices as well as advanced users so that they can employ WP handy CMS for business objectives.

Even though, WP dashboard is easy to use and free but other things are not free such as domain name, web hosting and if you look for premium theme .

Get Free Support and Learn From The World

Have you ever thought to ask any question on wordpress forum?

If you ask then passionate wordpress’ users will respond with correct answer. You may receive many answers for single question.

In the era of 2020, more than 455 million websites are being run on the wordpress. And you can consider them as your fellows. Either you help them to recover issues or they may guide you to get rid the errors.

For this support or join the forum, you do not have to pay or subscribe paid plans.

WordPress and its users provide free consolation services worldwide.

SEO Friendly Themes

WP themes are one of the essential on the wordpress.  Wordpress has more than 3,500+ active themes are available to get installed and employed.

Just head over the appearance segment and choose to visit “theme” section. You are given two options – you can search theme and activate them or upload theme file from third party resources for free.

Once a theme is activated, it can be changed as per preference. But long-term business owner and blogger prefer to have a premium WP theme that should have fast loading speed user friendly.

SEO friendly WP themes refer to search engine optimization techniques along with making the content for Google algorithm and readers.

User friendly means you want to get drag and drop customization features so that a theme can be modified as the per services requirements. And use can finish your on page SEO optimization techniques speedily.

WordPress also gives you preview button by which you can examine your theme look.

In case you are planning to earn money though Google AdSense, you can have an AdSense oriented WP theme either free or paid.

Design your site on your own. Choose the section you want to display. Decide the navigation path you want to have.

On the wordpress theme dashboard, bloggers and affiliate marketers can easily find specific themes such as WP templates for classified and bookmarking site, WP themes for ecommerce site etc.

Dedicated mobile responsive WP themes come with built-in convenient features in which users have to spend least time to customize templates.

Get Free Quick Installation WP Plugins

Do you want to add new section into your activated WP theme layouts then you do not require opening theme editor. Just visit the “add new plugin” section and install new one.

Plugins are the great way to customize themes and extend the performance and quality of themes.

Mainly, WP plugins are combination of JavaScript and CSS that can be added free.

Plugins work for the nescience WP users to provide the comforts.

SEO friendly plugins like yoast SEO are available for free by which Meta tags, webmaster analytics verification as well as sitemap submission procedure is done automatically.

Furthermore, wocommerce WP plugin is developed for running ecommerce store on WP. Ultimate Product Catalog WP plugin will help you to list the products and create user friendly navigation for plugins.

Such advantages you can gain while utilizing wordpress CMS.

Better Your Blog/site SEO Performance

Running a blog on wordpress is the way to save your time. You can set up your blog within an hour.

If you get confused then you can find help and tips on WP support forum, Google and YouTube.

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WP users have the privilege to strengthen the on-page SEO techniques by publishing quality content, defining alt tags, heading tags as well as meta title and meta description.

SEOPress, SEO Framework, SEOpressror and All in one SEO WP plugins are valuable in terms of set up the entire things i mentioned above.

Built-in WordPress CMS in Control Panel

When you buy web hosting account and get access to the control panel, you do not have to upload desired CMS. All web hosting providers deliver the control panel attached with more than 300+ CMS app including Wordpress.

This happens because every business owner is going to host their blogs/sites on WP CMS for free.

Even I did not have to install wordpress CMS files in the control panel. Within 15 minutes I was ready to customize WP theme.

Get Full Control on WP

Even though wordpress is open source platform but you as a user after creating an account, get complete control over the themes, plugins and their customization.

From the scratch to advanced level websites/blogs can be established in short time and to do so you do not need to have authorization or legal approval from WP owners.

WP owners ensure the security for blogs being run on the PHP integrated content management system.


WordPress is completely safe and secure CMS on which everyone can build successful business platforms and blog.

Let me know your point of view on WP in the comment section.

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