15+ Stable Ways to Make Money Online With WordPress Blog in 2020

WordPress platform is the most efficient way to start a blog and earning money. With the less complicated features inside the dashboard, you can establish a mobile-friendly lucrative website/blog on WordPress.

Every blogger has a purpose behind working hard on a WordPress blog and that is making a reliable platform where every visitor can spend valuable time learning multiple things. Truly, blogging can help you to make your dreams happen. Apart from blogging, websites let you enhance your monthly reverence.

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WordPress is an ideal CMS, where every online business can be started and managed with having less knowledge. You know that everything starts with traffic. If you do not have traffic then no money-making program will work easily.

In this article, I am preparing 15+ proven ways to make online money and regular income from your WordPress blog.

These Following Proven Ways To Start Earning Online

Choose Podcasting as a Stable Earning Source

You can start money-making podcasting using WordPress. When your podcast grows up then you can plenty of offers to get promoted to other services and products. Advertisers demand to ad audio clips at the beginning of audio or mid of.

For beginners, podcasting is a way to provide valuable information and connect with your audiences verbally through audio files. And these audio files can be downloaded by the listeners to listen to them later. Before starting the podcast, you have to decide on which topic you would like to talk about. If you do not have a certain topic, it is impossible to set the first podcast audio.

Second, you should have the assets to record your voice Basic level of recording and editing can be achieved by Audacity free audio recording platform. Record your first verbal podcast.

And publish your first audio episode to a podcast hosting website. Probably you may be thinking what are podcast hosting services?

BuzzSprout, Blubrry, and SoundCloud are the most popular podcast hosting services.

Podcast hosting websites are work as a connection between you and your listeners that let you upload your audio files and most of them are paid. After uploading, you are given the RSS Fee Link to add to your WordPress website.

While signing up a WordPress dashboard, select a Podcast-Specific WordPress Theme. Podcast Player and Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugins can be activated to make the process easier.

You have the privilege to upload your audio episode files to WordPress blog using WP plugins and manage them.

Start Email Marketing Campaign

If you are running a blog at the beginner step then you should start email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a procedure for targeting audiences using emails. In which you send emails in bulks with full of product information to the unknown people. You need to learn how to write the winning emails so that the recipients can be transformed into purchasers.

If you do not have an email list enough to reach out wider audience then an extensive email list can be bought.

Alternatively, a collection of emails can be extracted from the old Gmail account if you have one. Activate Gmail Extractor add-on and get download an excel sheet of Gmail ids at free.

Offer Web Development/Designing Services

Note: If you do not know enough to develop and design a website then you can work as a BDM (Business development manager) and hire others to work on.

First off, create a new page on the website displaying development graphics and your previous projects. Make a separate section to show your skills. WordPress Plugins like Elementor and siteorigin page builders have convenient drag-drop features. Also, their free versions can be installed.

Do not mention any single CMS or programming development services; this may narrow your leads. This webpage should have all elements related to developers and designers alike all the CMS development and designing services, reviews of recent clients, details of your total program along with their link, and how long does it take to develop a website.

The fresh refund policy may increase the trust of visitors. Do not forget to add a call to action buttons up to 2 to 3 times to convert traffic into customers as well as alluring quotes and banners may also help you to engage the visitors.

We recommend you to provide some sort of free stuff before getting paid as well as optimize this webpage for SEO ranking.

Provide online Course Related to Blog Niche

You always visit a blog and you always find free or paid blogging, SEO, or keyword research courses. They recommend you to pay for them and get download an informative eBook.

Every second WordPress blogger uses this method to grab emails. Some bloggers offer free blogging or affiliate course free to increase the email subscribers and thereafter they make huge money through email marketing campaigns.

One thing you need to keep in mind that the information you are offering free on your blog and the techniques you are teaching through the paid course, should not be similar at all, otherwise you will lose the trust of visitors.

Observes the influencers in your niche, are they offering some sort of courses? You can follow them at the beginning level. Further, apply your tricks.

Ok, you do not have time to promote your online course then get the help of LMS WP FREE plugins. With the help of CoursePress Pro and WP Courseware trustworthy LMS plugins, all kinds, of course, can be launched, created, and sold on the WordPress blog.

Create a Classified/bookmarking WordPress website

Craigslist and Quikr are considered the world #1 classified website.

You may be surprised knowing the yearly revenue of craigslist that is around $700 million. On WordPress, you can easily set up a classified or bookmarking platform to earn money online. You need to select a niche.

Generally, classified sites have a long list of categories. You can also choose to produce a classified board that has several categories and locations. Before creating such a site, you must have a proven promotional strategy. After a certain time, a successful classified site can be a strong online source of money for you.

These Web Directory Free and Classified Listing free WordPress plugins can help you to make an attractive dashboard.

Earn Money Online with Google AdSense

Monetize your website with Google AdSense and start making monthly income form the most reliable online program. This program is free to join and the highest paying ads are displayed on your blog. By getting display ads clicked and watched, you may earn a decent income.

You are paid as per the real-time CPC cost on different products. Rather you can increase the CPC and click on the ads through your user engagement and quality content. Google AdSense has an internal algorithm that is ad auction. With ad auction, the ads formats and which kind of ads will appear on a blog, are decided.

Do not make mistakes while creating and using AdSense account other your account may be blocked permanently. In this case, you can opt for popular Google AdSense alternatives from where you can also make similar money online.

Join Affiliate Marketing Program and Get Paid

In this era, Affiliate marketing is on fire.

In the procedure of affiliate marketing, you are given the referral code in the form of links that you have placed on your blog on appropriate locations. These links are utilized to redirect visitors to the product’s website. When these clickers take action towards buying the stuff, you earn a referral commission.

If you want to earn unlimited money then affiliate marketing is something in which you can put all your hope and hard work. Focus on the product reviews and copywriting from where you can convert your traffic into long term customers. Everything starts with understanding the nature of the product you are recommending to your readers.

Some pro bloggers offer you an eBook on affiliate marketing you should buy them to learn. Then select attractive products and write content that engages the targeted traffic. Track your referral links and observe the reader’s behaviors toward the products.

Also, choose the affiliate advertiser carefully who can pay you the right amount of referral fee as well as credit. Some giant e-commerce websites let you join their affiliate program like amazon affiliate associates.

And a WP blog is the best way to push up your affiliate money making goals. These are some well-known WP plugins MonsterInsights, prettylinkpro, and ThirstyAffiliates you will find them worth installing to add affiliate links among your blog posts.

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Run an eCommerce WordPress platform

Starting an eCommerce WordPress website can be a great idea to make stable sources of income. There is no hidden secret to earn money from selling eCommerce products.

If you have your products and you want to sell them. Then choose the WordPress theme to categories all the products. To do so you can get the help of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

WordPress provides a user-friendly dashboard along with drag and drop features where you can easily launch an online store and start promoting them. Also, you should make a strong product delivery strategy.

Increase Earning From Sponsored Blog Posts

Is your WordPress blog reputable and popular?

If yes, you may be getting plenty of sponsored blog post offers. Do not avoid them.

You can create an individual webpage to describe your terms and conditions on accepting sponsored blog posts. Do not forget to add how long you will keep publishing a blog post on your blog or how many backlinks you will provide.

Fix your prices for the per sponsored blog post and keep improving the cost per sponsored post as your traffic grow.

Add a working email address so that the advertisers can connect with you shortly.

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Develop a Business Directory platform on WP

A Successful business directory website takes a lot of time to make money stable income. But once reaching out up to a certain level, a business directory can provide you a regular income. And wordpress is the easiest way to set up a business directory quickly.

I recommend the Listify wordpress directory theme. This is specially designed to have an alluring directory theme to wordpress users.

Then add premium listing features and provide this premium sign up dashboard to the users to extend the features and options. Provide the claim features to the various local businesses on the paid subscriptions. Apart from this, you can offer banner advertising, sidebar text and image ads, paid ads categories wise, etc.

Lastly, the more traffic you will generate, the more money you will earn through the business directory.

Yelp and Google My Business platforms are performing the same thing.

Utilize these following WordPress directory plugins:

  • Formidable Form
  • Business Directory Plugin
  • Connections Business Directory
  • GeoDirectory

Launch Membership Premium Content

Publish valuable and in-depth content your wordpress blog and keep it secure so that no reader can open this easily.

To get such content read, you can make a membership area on your wordpress blog. If someone wants to explore this content then he/she will have to pay to be the member to grab your published valuable content.

Without a membership account, no reader can go through your secured blog posts.

Sell the WordPress Plugins

We all know how wordpress plugins are useful for us to make updates on the wordpress sites no matter which kind of website you have. Without WP plugin, a beginner or an average user can do make an awesome looking wordpress website. That is why WP plugins are in high demand. Easy activation and installing techniques also make the plugins the most favorite.

In case you have even moderate knowledge of programming like CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, you are being able to produce a plugin and on the wordpress blog this user-friendly plugin can be sold out to the readers. Through strong writing skills, you can make your visitors understand the usability of the plugin. Before recommending premium plugin, make sure they are resolving the critical technical problems of bloggers and WP site owners.

Your designed premium plugins can be added to the wordpress plugin directory where you can increase the sales. Also, purchasing can be enhanced by adding the Easy Digital Downloads WP Plugin.

Work as a Consultant in Your Niche

Consulting and Advisor are suitable wordpress themes from where you can start your career as a consultant. With these wordpress themes, you do not need to have web designers. A Professional looking consulting website can be developed through Wordpress themes.

Rather, you do not need to invest money to start consulting business as well as no requirement to deliver services and products. Just believe in your skills and experience and provide the best suggestions and practical advice to your clients and get paid.

Produce QnA Platform like Reddit and Quora and make Money

You may have been to question-answer platforms like Quora and Reddit so far? Have you ever thought that even you can build a similar website through wordpress?

QAEngine and Ask Me wordpress themes are specially designed for the question-answer community website on wordpress platform. Maximum user-friendly tools and features like rating and reviews, voting systems, the configurable interface as well as mobile responsive design you will get built-in.

Once the QnA website grows up, you can let the advertisers display their ads. Through affiliate links and text and images ads, website owners can earn money online.

Design an attractive Job board

Finding jobs is always an ongoing process for aspirants and also hunting working professionals is the main for companies. In this procedure, an adaptable job marketplace can play the role of middlemen.

Later, you can make a change to make money online like premium jobs section creation on the website.

To launch a paid job submission online platform, you can rely on Job Board Manager and WPJobBoard wordpress plugins.

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Let me know which way is the easiest method to make online money using wordpress platform. Inform us in the comment section.

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