10 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlink for Free 2021

Backlinks are the way to rank keywords in search engines. But only getting high authority backlinks will help you to maintain the website/blog stable ranking.

Google algorithms are very firm when it comes to quality backlinks and relevant inbound links.

As a digital marketer, you are to build backlinks that improve the keywords ranking. But what are the secure methods to discover strong backlink profiles?

In this article, we are discussing the same.

Be Interviewer for Top Bloggers

If you are just starting a blog on WordPress then do not wait to be an influencer in your niche. You do not need to get offers for interviews. But you can make your profile and connect with other top industry influencers or affiliate marketers and ask them for the interview as an interviewer.

No matter you have less follower base on a social channel or un-popular blog, top bloggers would like to connect with you thorough online to increase their blog awareness.

In this way, your blogs and interview videos may be shared by respondents on their blogs and social media channels. It may lead you strong quality backlinks as well as popularity at the beginner level for free.

Prepare for the interview, collect an impressive list of questions to ask, do research, and discuss with your blogging circle or quality questions can be extracted from the forums like Quora and Reddit.

But if you are an influencer then you can get your interview scheduled with other bloggers quickly.

Add Social Media Links to Your Blog

Many bloggers do not activate social media plugins on their blogs. Some readers of your blog want to share your content on different platforms but they do not find social icons on blogs and get irritated.

In this case, visitors may confuse how to share the blog post for other communities.

When your blog post will be shared on several platforms, then automatically you will find increments in the backlink profile.

On WordPress, install a free plugin to make social buttons live on the blog. Also, choose the right location so that every visitor can easily locate them.

Just write high-quality shareable content that can engage readers. Also, do keyword research before writing.

Broken Link Building

Broken links are not good for SEO ranking and user engagement on your blog at all. But if you find broken webpages like 404 not found on other blogs then you have the privilege to write content for that particular webpage to get back quality do-follow backlinks.

Hunt broken competitors webpages: First off, find the broken link on competitors and niche-based sites then connect with admin and ask them would they like to get written an article for the broken page?

Write quality content along with new blog post ideas at the same time and pitch them. Introduce yourself as a blogger background having the ability to craft such valuable content that ranks.

On Wikipedia, you can also build backlinks through broken links building strategy.

Send Request Mail to Get Backlinks for Blog Posts

This is the easiest way to create links for blogs and rank keywords.

By this way, you cannot build backlinks for the service or product pages. But for the informative and in-depth blog posts, the high authority do-follow backlinks can be built consistently.

After writing fruitful and polished content on your blog, find the most relevant blog posts on other blogs checking is there any possibility to insert your blog post link on anchor text as an external link.

After collecting such blogs where your blog posts can be inserted, craft a converting mail that tells the bloggers how they may be benefited by inserting your blog posts links into their articles.

Everything depends on your mail formats. Pay attention to the words you are writing. This is not part of email marketing.

Spend at least a one-hour daily basis. Follow this practice at least one month then observe the success of your mails. They may add your website as the additional useful resources.

Find Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Probably you are well-known to the methodology.

Finding competitors’ backlinks task is an unavoidable link building techniques that can rank your keywords faster.

You need to research domain-level competitors and webpage level competitors. Domain level means blogs that are producing the same content as your niche. Page-level means webpages that are ranked above your listing in the Google SERP.

These following Google strings might be helpful to get a list of competitors’ backlinks from directly Google.

  • Link:example.com
  • Related:yoursite.com

But I would like to recommend premium link checker tools. These tools are considered a top-rated SEO Tools by which compressive list of competitors’ backlinks can be discovered.

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Semrush

Once receiving a list of competitors’ links, start approaching bloggers for quality backlink for the eternity.

Increase Your Identity

Creating valuable backlinks is effortless for top affiliate marketers. Because, fellow bloggers want to join them to get exposure or learning purpose.

You should also work as a pro blogger. To do so, you can add an author bio in all the blog posts describing who are you attaching your pic, and your professional experience. 

Apart from this, make an attractive signature for the email campaigns. Add social media buttons, website links inside the signature. Then start increasing the followers’ base on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The more followers will grow, the more exposure you will get. 

Influencers who have a huge amount of followers on social profiles, their thoughts would be listened carefully by community bloggers.

So start working from today as if you are an influencer.

Create High-Quality Content

High-quality articles are magical things, especially for bloggers.

But the question arises that is it possible to create excellent posts always?

Cornerstone content may be the one-side answer. Publish long-from content in the era of 2020 is the next way to invite lots of visitors on a blog. By brightening your writing proficiency, this level can be achieved as soon as possible. 

Generally, your goals will be ranking in the search engines to generate massive traffic for the website and customer conversion.

Right keyword research may be helpful to create such a worthwhile article for the readers every time. It will also validate the solidity of keywords ranking.

Believe in Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the straightforward way to work as blogger. Unless you do not submit guest articles, your keywords are ranked.

You may have endeavored a lot to get accepted guest articles. There is no secret to get broadcasted an article on top niche blog platforms.

In the event, writing compelling content on trending or viral theme will improve the prospect of getting approved guest articles.

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You can gain several things just targeting single posts.

  • Keyword ranking improvement
  • Domain authority
  • Brand awareness
  • Potential traffic that may show interest in affiliate products
  • Do follow backlinks
  • Blog/website popularity

Do Blog Commenting

I have seen many bloggers saying blog commenting strategy is not working soundly  anymore.

First, listen to the thoughts of Ryan Biddulph on blog commenting:

In an interview, Ryan is revealing his secrets of success with Anil Agarwal (from bloggers passion) – 

I’d guest post and blog comments on top blogs. Blog commenting is a simple free method to promote a blog. To increase the blog performance, to build bonds, relations with fellow bloggers, get the blogging benefits, blog commenting is necessary.

Write blog comments like you have a personal relationship with the bloggers. Consider blog comments as mini guest articles. Certainly, you have noticed such comments on backlinko.com. A plethora of visitors on backlinko write long comments. Start applying this method.

You should comment only on authority and popular blogs. Do not just go for getting worthless backlinks.

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I hope you have got the point.


Initially, make clear your goals towards earning backlinks. Link building is a time-consuming technique that may take prolong time.

Focus on building quality backlinks. You will surely gain success.

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