Learn 9 Types of Backlinks You Want to Build in SEO

Links are significant things on the internet that are used to access websites. When it comes to search engine optimization, backlinks work as a medium between search engines and websites. If you are familiar with SEO perfectly, you always have to play safely while building backlinks for SEO.

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Below you will learn good and bad types of backlinks in SEO. A strong link building strategy can be created to strengthen the keywords ranking, brand awareness, and website traffic.

Types of High-Quality Backlinks in SEO You Must Create

1. Badge Branding Backlinks

Badge backlinks refer to images based link that is placed on the website in the sidebars as the valuable or helpful resources. In which you would like to create badges for high authority and popular sites on your site sidebar. When you find the resources valuable on the other site and you consider them useful, you can create a branding badge for them on your site.

How to Create Badge Link 

Creating high-quality content that should be in-depth, long words count including images, videos, and examples, is the easiest way to approach branding badge backlinks. Once publishing content, inform the niche relevant sites to by email outreach.

2. Free/Paid Version Tool Links

Have you ever thought to launch a paid or free version of a helpful tool for the visitors? This can be a keyword research tool, competitors’ analysis tool, domain authority checker tool, or anything that you want to have. Provide free tool access to your visitors and make them understand how this tool will be profitable for their purposes. Later on, you can demand to get paid version of the tool to the site visitors.

How to create free tools link: 

If your visitors will find your designed tool worthwhile, they would like to link to tool in their content. In this way, the quality link can be earned on high PR sites to increase brand awareness.

3. Strong Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks mean the link you are getting back, should be placed in the body content. Body content links are considered the super-strong backlinks that may directly help you to increase the keywords ranking and getting traffic. Also, search engine spiders provide the high link juices that are found in the body content.

How to create editorial backlinks

Craft the content that makes you as an industry influencer. No always necessary to generate content in the form of text, sometimes infographics and videos can be better than textual content. Represent your blog as a great resource of knowledge in a particular niche.

4. Relevant Guest Blogging Backlinks

No matter on which stage you are blogging, if you can create the content to increase user engagement and sharing, you should pay attention to the guest blogging strategy. Guest posts submissions are still the way you can follow to get back white hat do follow backlinks. In this way, juicy backlinks can be earned from the body content for free. Some bloggers also accept sponsored content from bloggers. If you have a good amount of budget, go with paid guest posting.

How to create backlink through guest blogging

Grab this list of high-quality guest post submission sites and filter the worthy sites for your niche. Master the art of email outreach.

5. Trusted Business Profile Backlinks

To have backlinks without spending time on researching for articles, the business profiles might be utilized to boost up the backlink profile faster. This is the warning, in the business creation approach, you may reach out plenty of spammy and irrelevant sites, and registering an account on them will not work perfectly so avoid them for eternity. Check the domain authority and niche before creating sites.

How to create business profile backlinks

Social media platforms, brand directories, top blog submission sites, and enterprise listing sites are used to get business profile backlinks. Websites should be niche specific.

Here you can filter the list of the sites you want to have links on: Profile creation sites

6. Guest Post Bio Backlinks to Get Exposure

I hope you have gone through information regarding guest post submission mentioned above in which I was writing down the methods gathering backlinks in the content body. In case, bloggers do not allow you to insert the link in the quality piece of the article. Then you are allowed to place the site link in the author bio section.

This section refers to the professional information of the guest post writer as well as a link resource including social media profiles and pic. A specific box appears on the webpage right below the conclusion that attracts the attention of readers and a high enhancement of referral traffic in Google analytics.

How to create guest post bio backlinks

There is no separate procedure to be followed for guest post bio backlinks. Make ensure you are asking the guest blog admin for an on-site link location.

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7. Press Release Backlinks

If you are working on a news site, a press release is an opportunity to get exposure and improve brand awareness quickly. Through the press release strategy, news sites produce the content on real-time trending topics. Most of the press release submission sites are trusted and high Page rank platforms, even earning single backlink would be sufficient to provide the SEO value.

The press release is the regular work of media brands because they have always something new to produce original press release content. Press release submission sites want you to be followed the guidelines purely.

How to Create Press Release Backlinks

Follow this technique if you have a news blog. Write and submit press releases only then, you have an authentic new topic. I have seen bloggers publishing spammy non-news content press releases that is not an ideal way to build quality backlinks.

8. Write Comments on Backlinks

Do you rely upon blog commenting techniques? Probably not, you have stopped creating backlinks implementing blog comments. And many well-known bloggers do not let you comment on their blog posts. Rather bulk commenters are spreading the shit about this off-page optimization task.

But you as a blogger can write comments on top niche high authority blogs to get back do follow backlinks. It will not be counted as spam or sort of low-quality links.

How to create blog comment backlinks

Always avoid low authority, non-niche relevant blog. Use your name in the namespace while submitting a comment. Be genuine.

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9. Build Webinar Links

A webinar is a kind of event that is organized on the site and that may be attended by visitors online. You can also conduct a webinar (web and seminar) on your blog that must be valuable and highly informative for the readers. This way may increase the sharing of numbers for webinar webpages. Readers would like to link your webinar post.

How to Create Webinar Links

Inform your site visitors by email and set time and date so that your audience can attend the webinar and reward you standard backlinks.

Backlinks You should Avoid

These following types of inbound backlinks may decrease the keywords ranking, lower the website traffic, and destroy the brand awareness.

Polarized Body Content Backlinks

Many low-quality sites publish polarized content frequently. They follow the bulk content publishing strategy. So they accept content from the writers and publish without inspecting plagiarism.

Spammy and copied content is utilized by bloggers to create backlinks shortly. That is not a good backlink practice at all. Stop producing spammy content if you do not want to get plagiarized your site.

Bulk Backinks

Several online tools are available that offer you build a long list of links pointing to your site in minutes. Leave those sites and do not include such procedures in your off-page optimization strategy.

Paid backlinks are considered not a white hat SEO approach, Google officially said. Stop buying and selling backlinks to pass the link juice immediately otherwise you may be warned or penalized by a new algorithm update.


Link building is an important methodology to get promoted website. You should go with authentic links.

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