Top SEO Blogs 2020: Practice Technical SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO

Are you looking for Top SEO blogs to read and follow? Top SEO blogs mean that are being run by industry influencers such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Danny Sullivan. You as newbie or advanced level SEO marketing learner, have a great chance to enhance deeper SEO knowledge to be an analyst and grow up your career.

Let me describe which blogs may be beneficial for you.

1. Moz Blog

Moz is a well-known online product based tool that tells you two strong parameters such as domain authority and page authority. Besides, Moz has

a specific category where you can read beginner guide to SEO professionals that contains basic SEO on-page and off-page techniques.

Founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin has started filming SEO video series to teach SEO beginners and all the video can be found on the “Whiteboard Friday” segment. Inside this, SEO knowledge seekers will be educated on keyword research, link building, SEO consulting, and content marketing.

Apart from learning, online marketers can inspect the website performance and conduct several kinds of research to understand competitors’ strategies and their targeting keywords such as SEO audit and crawl, ranking tracking, SEO toolbar, backlink research, and many more. All these practical experiments will surely help you to be the best marketer.

Moz Academy is a favorite SEO blog for beginners where SEO Newbies can quickly start their training programs. 

2. Quicksprout Blog

Quicksprout was purely created by Neil Patel and since 2008 this blog has been continuously producing information on web hosting, creating blogs, blogging, inbound and outbound marketing and quality tips to increase business revenue. Neil Patel always publishes educational content that reveals hidden tips and tricks of search engine marketing.

You can find awesome infographics that are used to describe critical SEO standards easily. Online learners can access entire articles for free.

Quicksprout does not demand to have paid subscriptions for beginner digital marketers.

You can subscribe to a newsletter to receive informative blog posts right in the inbox.

3. Search Engine Watch Blog

All the SEO related information is published on search engine watch in the minimum time frame that might be helpful to conduct the best SEO practices. This site helps you to learn SEO in different ways as well as website owners can find the research-based data-driven content for startups’ growth.

Besides newbies, even professional marketers visit search engine watch website to find the solutions. This website also showcases modern strategies about PPC campaigns and email marketing; hence search engine watch is all in once SEO pack for digital marketers for free.

Visiting the search engine watch blog consistently will be helpful for SEO students.

Top SEO bloggers always deliver reader-engaging articles full of catchy points consistently.

4. SEO Book Blog

SEOBook blog makes the information live in the form of guides where you can uncover multiple SEO oriented categories such as link building, sitemaps, copywriting, internet marketing tools, and many more. SEO Book focuses on writing a blog post to root out problems that prevent startups from developing.

SEOBook also discloses videos in the way to provide training. You will feel sitting in the digital marketing institute while watching videos content and reading blog posts.

Once learning all technical SEO aspects you will be able to rank keywords higher in Google search as well as other search engines.

5. Seroundtable Blog

Seroundtable should be in the go-to list of top SEO blogs to read. Seroundtable blog is next-level Google algorithm update news website where even a miner unconfirmed algorithm updates can be catch within some hours of announcing.

SEO newbies would like to subscribe roundtable as I was impressed so much by information written over. Also marketing pros might be surprised to see the way the data is produced.

This blog openly writes about search engine optimization techniques for Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine as well as you can read SEO news, forum news, popular SEO books, and affiliate marketing news.

We recommend seroundtable to follow instantly as its popularity is unbeatable among marketing folks.

6. Search Engine Journal Blog

If you want to be a passionate SEO qualified, search engine journal website is inevitable on which you are taught deep roots of online marketing by successful online marketers. This blog receives guest articles in large numbers from people who are running startups across the world.

It would be better to choose a search engine journal platform that is 15 years old well-known SEO source among fellow SEO pro.

Search engine journals mostly characterize blog posts on SEO, content writing, content marketing and aims to teach and empowering the SEO Community by delivering tricks in practical ways. 

Loren Baker is the founder of the search engine journal that is accountable to keep the information fresh.

7. Search Engine Land Blog

Search engine land is a favorite SEO blog for local business owners that are promoting local stores to increase sales rapidly.

Variety of SEO topics can be found on the search engine land platform.

When it comes to defining SEO legends, search engine land is considered a trustworthy platform among the marketers.

Search engine land reveals the truth for Google searching ranking and social metrics to drive traffic from social channels.

Educational digital articles are distributed in video, text, and image formation. Readers will not feel bored while scrolling webpages that make search engine land a great blog in SEO field.

8. Semrush Blog

Semrush is a product based blog, is appreciated by top SEO bloggers. Semrush always comes with authentic reliable data that are described by experienced developers.

Initially semrush was oriented to promote their personalized SEO toolset. Semrush combo SEO tools are also valuable for internet marketers. But gradually its founders have started writing content as per their experience on several SEO marketing subjects.

Therefore the articles are issued every day that can add value to career. Put on semrush website into your best SEO blog list to follow.

9. Ahrefs Blog

Referring to SEO research and analysis tools, ahrefs wins the game. Beyond that, the search engine optimization education that is presented by ahrefs, is unbeatable.

Marketers who are looking for actual information for learning and gaining knowledge objectively, they should bookmark ahrefs blog for forever.

Going through ahrefs, SEO freshman can turn into experts on keywords research, Link building, SEO basics to advanced, website traffic, SEO tools, and outreach emails, and many more.

Its publisher also encourages ahrefs marketing equipment through blog posts so do not be irritating while staying one of the articles. Just keep reading SEO tips.

10. Google Webmaster Central Blog

What if I tell you to follow the official Google webmaster central blog that is handled by Google itself?

Above mentioned blogs are part of private firms and top niche bloggers. Even though, their knowledge and techniques are also ethical and helpful to build a successful online business.

But Google webmaster blog does not teach you growing online business or secrets of SEO. On this blog, you can figure out how Google work and how it treats websites that are indexed in search engine.

Mainly, this official blog intends to discuss technical SEO parameters and SEO tools like search console and Google analytics. Without perceiving these tools you cannot be a complete SEO guy.

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