What is Web Hosting? How Does Web Hosting Work

On the internet, all the websites are being run on the web hosting plans no matter a website is built in PHP, .net, or Java. From beginner level blogs to giant social media platforms like FB and twitter cannot run without web hosting (servers).

When it comes to the website/blog, an appropriate domain name and secure web hosting solutions are essentials.

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Every blog you visit has a web hosting plan. All web hosting plans are not similar. Below I am revealing the secrets of web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting plans or solutions are the internet technologies that are offered by hosting providers (web hosts) to business owners and bloggers to host their respective blogs./sites Without web hosting plans no website admin is being able to make live a website.

Web hosting is a kind of internet space where you are given a certain disk storage space to store the website files like coding files, images, videos, etc.

Web hosting plans are the premium products to be paid monthly or yearly basis. You have the option to choose the payment schedule while purchasing web hosting.

Means of Server: – Servers are the largest internet space for big website portal. And web hosting works for medium and beginner level blogs.

You can also buy servers if your website contains coding, images, and video files in high numbers, and the site is getting tremendous monthly traffic.

These following tools you may get under a premium web hosting plan:-

Control panel – Generally you receive the login details of a control panel where you are to operate your web hosting solution and start running your blog the first time or you are changing the hosting services. Cpanel is the most common control panel.

SFTP Access – It is a secure file transfer protocol, is used to transfer the files between two systems.

Webmail Access – Webmail works as same as Gmail but in webmail, you communicate to the people and teams through business emails. These emails always increase your profile value.

Technical support – You need an expert person who can handle your technical issue regarding the control panel. A trustworthy web hosting service provider delivers 24/7 technical support for free.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

After acquiring a domain name and web hosting plan, you work for the promotion of a blog to sell out your services. Your website is hosted on a small section of a server. When a visitor types your website domain property name in the URL bar then that browser sends the request message to the server on which your website files are stored.

That server gets back to the browser with essential website files and your website starts running and displaying the data in a structured way.

Why do you need web hosting?

A blog/website is a combination of three necessary kinds of stuff: domain name, web hosting, and programming files.

Domain names are the names of the website by which visitors will keep remember your business and services. Facebook.com, Google.com, and neilpatel.com are the domain names and you always visit by typing their names. The same procedure needs to be followed in your case.

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Types of Web Hosting

Types of web hosting solutions always vary website to website and their requirements.

See your site data. How large this data is. How many disk space you need to have to host a website.

Mainly web hosting can be defined into three different segments.

Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is considered an ideal web hosting solution to host a starter-level blog/site.

If you are getting started your blog then you will be given a shared hosting account. Shared hosting is a miner portion of a server and you are allocated limited bandwidth, storage, email accounts, support, FTP, and free access. Sometime you may earn free SSL, especially you are paying for hosting offers.

At the beginner level, buyers can opt for shared hosting. Payment demands are very less under the shared hosting plans.

On the shared hosting, as the name sounding, you are allowed to access a small number of resources on a large server. You are not a single user of a shared server, the number of users can be more than 100 on a single shared server.

Are you a small business owner? Go with a safe Linux shared hosting plan if you have a WordPress blog/site.

VPS Hosting – VPS Hosting is an extended version of shared hosting. If your website/blog has surfaced the limitations of shared features and growing day by day then the time has come to take over a VPS hosting account quickly.

Middle-level websites should approach virtual private hosting for faster and extended resources than shared. You get an enlarged amount of resources under the VPS Hosting plan to host and run your website. On the VPS hosting, you work as a dedicated owner of hosting and get the freedom to customize the solutions as your needs. 

In case you get a complicated control panel interface then connect with VPS Linux or windows experts to get issues recovered.

Dedicated Server – Choose a dedicated server hosting when in case the website has become a brand and getting millions of traffic monthly. To utilize a dedicated server service, you have to pay high prices. Under a dedicated server solution, you enjoy larger disk space, unmetered bandwidth, free domain, free SSL, and advanced level support.

Determine between the Linux/windows dedicated servers before making the payments.

Reseller Hosting – With this reseller web hosting, buyers can commence a hosting business with less investment. In which the WHM control panel helps you to rent out certain space to your customers.

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What things matter a lot while picking up a web hosting package?

As a blogger or website owner, you should pay attention to the speed of a blog you will get after getting it hosted over the prospect hosting solution.

Speed is one of the keywords ranking factors and a key point for user engagement. If your website is slow in terms of loading, probably you may lose visitors’ base.

Google recommends the maximum webpage speed should not be more than 5 seconds.

Your web hosting server can help you to remove the speed obstacles and sends fast website files to the users. Moreover, Google page insight free speed checker for both mobile and desktop devices to understand what are the issues in your site to be resolved for increasing the loading speed.

Some additional advantages you may achieve with web hosting account:

Uptime – How much time your website may live for visitors need to be asked to your hosting provider. Hosting capacity will be responsible for high uptime. Generally, companies offer a 99.9 uptime guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee – Does your web host offer this advantage? Do clear before sending the payments for the plan.

Free Domain: Most of the hosting firms attach a free domain offer with the paid hosting package. You can grab these advantages but also make ensure the prices for second terms of hosting solution and domain name.

Some web hosts make you fool providing free or cheap domain names but they demand costly amounts at renewal time.

Storage: Confirm how many storage spaces you will get with hosting. 

Bandwidth: how much data can be transferred between the servers and computers? Bandwidth amount must be sufficient to run a blog smoothly.

Website: How many websites/blogs can be hosted over a single hosting account and run?

Price: There should be any hidden prices for hosting once the account is accessed.

Customer Support – Support is one of the major free help that should become under hosting service. Make a discussion about support and duration.

Free SSL Certificate: Is your hosting agency providing any free SSL? If yes then this is a good thing for you.

Go for WordPress hosting for WP blog

Each hosting supplier propounds a specified WordPress web hosting plan to WordPress users. If you have a blog over WP CMS then this WP hosting may be reliable to your WP blog.


My objective is to make you understand web hosting services. If you have question then put in the comment section.

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