What is the Canonical Tag?

Canonical tag has the potential to rectify critical identical errors on a website.

First off, understand this – 

<link rel=”canonical” href=”https://www.sample.com/” />

<link href=” https://www.sample.com/” rel=”canonical” />

Both are the same.

Learn the meaning of above HTML codes – 

  • This is a perfect canonical tag for a particular page
  • The link is original to get indexed 
  • This page is allowed to get noted in search engines (By bots)

Benefits of re=”Canonical”

  • Win the trust of search engine bots.
  • Search engines love such pages that have canonical Meta tags.
  • This lets you prevent duplication on a domain.
  • It helps you to strengthen your SEO strategy.
  • One of the essential ranking factors.
  • canonical tag lets URL to be original in the search engines.

It was not enough. Scroll Down

  • You may get confused with 50% similar webpages like eCommerce product pages.
  • Into eCommerce website, half of the webpages are the same in terms of product pic, name and location but they might differ into prices, availability and other parameters.


Significantly, all pages are important to be ranked and indexed.

To grab more, keep scrolling –

Are you facing duplicate content issues on your website? Implement URL canonicalization into the webpage header portion to resolve matching content affair on a domain.

This HTML code is responsible to help the websites to show an original copy of a page in the organic listing.

Why Canonical essential is

If you like to get organic traffic on your website, you would like to have original content into the search engines to prevent penalties.

Nobody wants to get their website penalized.

Best way to prevent this obstacle, to have a canonical HTML tag into every webpage of a domain. (About us, contact us pages included)

Follow this code – 

<link rel=”canonical” href=” https://www.sample.com” />

Here – 

Rel – Relationship

HREF = Hypertext Reference – This is utilized to define anchor tag.

Check Website Canonicalization

Just press ctrl + U = Check in the header section. 

Is your website using canonical?

If yes, then great and follow other pages.

If no, then apply immediately.

Understand the issues with Home page

Suppose you possess this domain –

Ex. = https://www.sample.com/  

How would visitors see your website?


But search engine bots would recognize your website as 10 different domains. Below carefully check the bullets and also make sure your website does not have the same.

  • http://sample.com/
  • http://sample.com
  • https://www.sample.com/
  • https://sample.com/
  • http://www.sample.com/index.html
  • https://www.sample.com/index.html
  • http://www.sample.com/
  • http://www.sample.com
  • https://sample.com/index.html
  • http://sample.com/index.html
  • http://sample.com/index.html/services/4c2?=789

Imagine, what will happen if your website is traveling into this problem.

This situation is the most dangerous for a website.

Your website can not be ranked in Google and other search engines. Rather, it may be punished by algorithms.

So follow the URL Canonicalization rules.

Where to publish This Code

Typically a canonical HTML tag is installed into the website header section.

How many canonical tags should have into a page?

Put one canonical HTML code into one webpage (Head portion).

Avoid Wrong Codes

Do not make confuse spiders and bingbot. Incorrect code will misguide them.

If you add inaccurate code, crawlers then tackle all this matter in their way.

Ways to Install rel-canonical Tag

For WordPress users – 

Canonical code is a built-in section of WP themes. To know its availability, same procedure you have to chase – 

Ctrl + U = Visit on a new tab

Find rel=”canonical”

OR If your website is missing this code, You then visit theme editor section and paste code directly into header part and press save.

For hard-coded websites

Find mod_header.php file and execute HTML code into this file.

My blog canonical tag

Example of canonical tag

Get Help in SEO

Employing a canonical URL is the easiest way to sharpen your SEO ranking. Googlebot considers a webpage valuable that has a canonical version. Bots acknowledge all other relevant URLs pointing to the canonical version. 

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