Latest Google Algorithm Update 2020

Do you eagerly want to know what Google has launched a new arrow in the quiver? Google algorithm updates are one of the most engrossing subjects of discussion. If you are traveling in SEO, It becomes your business to gather every new instruction of Google. Mainly, Google loves its Googlers who employ Google as a custom search engine to browse the internet.

Google aims to make SERP more relevant to the user queries and deliver the right and fast results to the searchers. In this process, Each Google algorithm update is a fresh effort towards understands the Googler intent and makes this search engine smarter, faster and more convenient.

Search engine optimization experts transform their websites according to new algorithm updates. On this page, they can certainly get reliable and accurate information.

Google Search Volatility & Fluctuations Super Unusual

According the march Mar 30, 2020 Google algorithm update, Google webmaster found the volatility and fluctuations changes. It means the behaviors of internet users are changing rapidly.

now it is confirmed that the Google SERP results are mandatory to change in the few and major categories.

This thing may be normal for you or your website but on the large and reliable data platforms the users activities are changing fast in terms of traffic, bounce rate, exit rate and impressions.

See the Cognitive SEO: below:


Rankranger Graph:

Rankranger Graph:

Accuranker Metrics:

Accuranker Metrics

Mozcast Report:

Mozcast Report

Google Algorithm Featured Snippet Update (24 January 2020)

Danny Sullivan (Who works in Google) tells about news featured update of Google search engine that it is being considered as a big update at the beginning of 2020, which is ready to affect plenty of websites. But this update will not boost up the websites or punishes them.

And nor Google is going to stop showing featured snippet content, which is observed specific above all organic results.

So what’s new in this update, before this update, a URL used to appear twice in the organic listing – First time in the featured snippet box (So-called #0 position).

And the second time in the organic listing (Below the featured box), but after this featured snippet update only one website will appear at once in the top ten results.

Google will still be listing ten pages as the first for each query.

It means featured snippet is not going to be included in the Orth position, rather it will be acknowledged as the first position of organic result.

Pretty Cool!

Understand this new release in the Danny Sullivan words (Google SearchLiaison)–

Apart from this, Do you believe on Mark Traphagen, VP of Product Marketing and Training for seoClarity, revealing the truth of featured update:-

“There was no statistically significant difference in organic Google traffic sent to these pages after they lost the duplicate listing on page one, based on an analysis of real traffic data for featured snippet listings across multiple industries.”

Rather, Google has decided to stop placing duplicate pages in organic view, It will not making any changes for websites that are getting traffic.

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