Best 56+ Free Infographic Submission Sites List for 2021

SEO experts always discover new techniques to get ranked keywords in Google SERP as well as bring the potential traffic. In the off-page SEO optimization, there are plenty of other link building techniques but infographics submission procedure is considered the top pure white hate methodology.

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Infographic or illustration is the off-page optimization link building scheme that is applied to represent the content in an attractive manner and bloggers can finish the long articles in a more upgraded manner using enticing visual images.

Why Approach Infographic Submission

Infographics are significant ways to build high-quality backlinks. The role of infographics are vital therefore bloggers and affiliate marketers give the priority to the infographic submission sites to get back high quality backlinks for free.

Infographics are the combination of text and images that make the content more engrossing and readers can take interest in the understating the topic you want to make them know.

An infographic can be utilized as the unique content many times for long and that would not be considered spammy content. Because crawlers do not follow the images, they read just text.

Infographics Submission Benefits

Do not spend time creating backlinks in case if you cannot get better output. This rule needs to be accepted in case of infographics. Below I am writing down the tremendous benefits of infographics submissions.

Build backlinks through illustrations: Create a highly tempting infographic and add to the blog post including the embedded code. When your readers will want to insert embedded code into their blog then you will find the huge increment in your backlink profile.

Shareable infographic:- Add social media buttons to your infographic post so that your readers can start sharing across the social media channels and forums.

Good bounce rate and user engagement – I am just not talking about graphics and images, if you cannot insert valuable content and catchy points with infographics, your reader likely not find illustration readable. As I told you above infographic is used to provide the textual content in the form of graphics. So your visitors will pay attention if your infographic provides value to them.

Easy submission sites: Apart from your blog, infographics are published on the infographics submission sites. Submission sites take a few minutes to accept illustration. Some infographics sites are popular social media giants from where you can directly receive traffic. Below we are letting you grab high authority top infographics submission sites list.

How to Create Infographics

You are an SEO expert, not a graphics designer. In this case, it will be hard to create infographics quickly if you choose to go with manual ways. Below some infographic creation platforms from where illustration can be produced for free.

  • Canva
  • Visme
  • Infogram
  • Venngage
  • Piktochart

I recommend Canva. I have employed canva graphic design platform free and premium and created plenty of infographics with paying.

But you can extend features by upgrading the canva plans. Other tools also might be helpful.

If you have created infographics using one of the above-mentioned tools then now start submitting. Choose one of these following sites and start building links.

What Do You Mean by Infographics Submission Sites List?

As I mentioned above that in this article readers can grab a long compressive list of best infographics submission websites list that is highly recommended by top bloggers. In this list, users have the option to choose the best websites to make publish creative and informative infographics for free. The submission process may vary from site to site.

But in most cases, sites demand to have a verified account to get published illustrations, and users may have to wait for the approval. Some sites may insist to transfer small amounts for a period.

You just focus on the domain authority and alexa rank of submission accepting site as well as the quality of infographics that matters the most.

The Most Popular Infographic Submission Sites List

Infographics Showcase

Infographics Showcase website accepts infographics under a premium plan. If you have a great idea then you also get service for crafting infographics as Infographics Showcase has been offering to create awesome illustration as per your business needs. To get published, make a connection with the Infographics Showcase team.

  • Cost for submitting infographics – $50
  • DA/PA – 50/51


You may have used Flickr as a photo-sharing site. Also, Flickr is one of the popular collections of images and also you can drive the huge traffic to your site. Bloggers have the privilege to join more than 2 million groups as well as get downloaded billion of photos for free on Flickr.

Publishing an infographic is the matter of seconds on Flickr and it’s free. Just register a permanent account on Flickr and start taking advantage.

  • Domain Authority – 91
  • Cost – Free

Infographic Bee

You not only share your infographics but you can also get suggestion to generate new infographics to accomplish business goals. On the dashboard, an impressive list of infographics is cataloged enough to provide you better user experience. 

To submit infographics on Infographic Bee, a quick forum need to be filled to make the Infographic Bee team understand about your project.

  • Response Time – 2-3 Business Days
  • DA/PA – 2-3 Business Days


When it comes to traffic driven infographics submission site then marketers cannot avoid Pinterest’s social media channel. Pinterest is a well-known photo and infographics sharing site where you can get a strong backlink for the site. On the same day of proceeding, you may start getting a good amount of traffic. I recommend Pinterest to launch infographic on the site in faster ways.

  • Cost – Free for Eternity
  • DA/PA – 94/83
  • Duration: No approval process


Reddit is a discussion forum and social networking interface offers you create your profile at free of cost and start submitting well-designed infographic consistently. This question-answer site does not allow you to insert the link at the starting. Your infographic may be removed shortly if your submission is found violating policies so play safe.

  • Payment – No Charge
  • DA/PA – 91/90
  • Duration – Same Day Publishing

Top High Authority Infographic Submission Sites List

Before opening, you must read guidelines for submission.

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