How to Increase Website Traffic in 2020(40+ Easy Way)

Every approach in digital marketing leads you to generate potential traffic. But the increase in competition does not enable you to perform them effortlessly. Traffic is required for a website because it is turned into conversions, leads, revenues, and lucrative business.

But sometimes you may get worried, that what is a suitable way to lead quality traffic. If you are managing your clients’ website then think for which they are paying. You are getting paid for leads and conversions and all this begins with the right traffic.

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So far, you are accomplishing your objects for a website but in this guide, I will introduce more effective channels to generate traffic.

Follow all tactics no matter how long it takes to deliver results.

Write for Influencers

Are you a beginner? Then, write for top bloggers without hopping backlinks, etc. This will drive you to a strong relationship between you and others. It might be useful in the future when they reward you back something more than the link. Plenty of influencers could be found and pitch them with the right helping mindset.

Help to Top Bloggers

Do not ask anything in the return. Help others primarily popular bloggers that have a valuable platform. Genuinely mail them for writing a blog post, proofreading the articles, designing fascinating images for social media, etc.

Launch EBooks

This is an awesome idea to grab emails of visitors. Making an email list will help you to connect with your audience. Make something different which you are not offering through your blog. Do not copy content for the eBook form your blog. You might lose the trust.

Mentioned Top Blogger into Your Posts 

Include the name of top bloggers into your content frequently, is highly beneficial when they will see their name placed on your blog, they would like to help you back.

Link to Popular Blogs 

Top blogs are hunted by their name but your blog is not right now. Set the link of the viral content into your blog posts may lead you to a good volume of readers.

Blog Commenting 

Discover the best websites that are publishing content constantly in the same industry, comment on their articles regularly. In this way, you may be acknowledged by the online audience more quickly.

Create a YouTube Channel 

Create informative and relevant videos for your audience and embed all the videos into blog posts. If possible, make the videos that represent a blog. Create Video title and a separate content for video description.

Make Eye-catching Title 

Your webpages get the first impression by your title in SERP. Use emotional words and mind-hacking words into the space of 60-70 characters. Do not avoid the value of pixels.

Use Reviews 

Has your website got reviews and ratings? Develop them by utilizing schema code. Reviews can be displayed over Google SERP right below the title tag section. It may increase the number of clicks.

Search Engine Friendly Navigation 

Develop a search engine friendly navigation for your website. Search engine bots will create a bunch of site links for your website in the SERP that will extend webpage visibility and CTR.

Site link are additional links pointing to your website with added information.

Write for other bloggers 

Do you love writing? Of course yes, you love writing. That’s why you started a blog.  Write for other bloggers and website owners without getting paid.

I have seen many people who publish quality articles on their blog, but pitch low-quality articles for guest postings that is unfair. You should produce genuinely good content for yourself as well as others.

Create write for us page 

create a new page named write for us and invite other bloggers to write for your blog. Every blogger is seeking for platforms where they get published articles with link.

The best thing, this is a page no the post so you have to do so once.

Join Quora

Popular and my favorite. Begin with the quora profile and help other quora users. Join groups and communities over there. Share your blog posts among them. Ask questions to quorans. Add your website link into giving answers.

Do You Love Podcast 

Plenty of podcast platforms available over the internet. Expand skills utilizing your voice. Learn podcast marketing and advertising strategy.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an expert in podcast promotional approach.  

Start with FB 

Join FB is a Conventional way but still valid. Do not underestimate the power and value of its groups and pages. Still, FB is a great source of traffic and leads.

You can find more than 1 lakh members in a single group. Just sharing a blog post link can increase around 2000 visitors in a single day.

Go Into LinkedIn 

Connect directly with professionals over LinkedIn. Perform regular and join groups and share something daily basis. Creating a page on LinkedIn can enhance awareness. The most educational persons are waiting for new stuff over this job networking websites.

Guest Post 

A quality guest post is the most trustable way to get your blog notified. Write strong articles for other blogs as you craft for own blog. Place links into author bio with profile pic.

With this tactic, you can become an influencer soon in case you write for brands.

Post Case Study 

Online audience love case studies, because of they in-depth and concluded with examples. In every niche, you can simply observe case study content, so make such an article frequently and publish it as a blog post.

Listicle Article 

Such a formation of content is easy to read for visitors. Produce listicle articles on trending topics and pitch them through email marketing.

Moreover, crafting listicle articles take fewer efforts and time.

Google my business listing 

Do you want to show off your website as a local business? This way you can place your office address on Google SERP. Extend your website awareness in this way.

No need to spend money to do so.

Business listing 

Discover popular websites that list local businesses. Compose profile over those sites with all needed data. You can grasp the right audience for your websites.

PPC Ads 

Run PPC search campaign to list your website into Google paid results. Optimize your PPC campaign to get the #1 position. It is another way to grab potential traffic. Learn biding strategy and use ad extension to get the most out of the campaign.

FB Campaign

Facebook has a lot of potentials to deliver you as same as Google. Start your paid advertising with FB campaigns. Impressions and leads campaigns are the best to start. Establish a proper FB page and connect with the FB audience.

On-page Techniques 

First, start with technical SEO parameters like canonical, robots txt and page loading speed. Then focus on images alt tags, content optimization, and Meta tags.

Quality on-page SEO will boost website performance drastically.

Heading Tag

Spend more time on heading tags. It can help you to engage your visitors on a website. Also, the H1 tag is considered as a ranking factor.

Off-page Techniques 

Launch a smart link building approach to get backlinks from high authority websites.

These four routes to build strong and reliable backlinks.

  • Video content
  • Info graphic content
  • Images content
  • Text   

Prefer Schema

To define your website more specific way is to apply right schema snippets. Google bots will reach your website quickly for a query.

Strong Email Marketing 

Commence an email marketing campaign from the first day of your work. It has infinite chances to increase traffic and convert into leads.

Opt for Mailchimp that offers services at free of cost up to 10000 mails.

Activate Twitter App 

Get into twitter with your real name. Upload the original pic or logo. Start retweeting other tweets. Tag influencers and share your blog posts. Start working on tweet cards.

Add your website link into the description box and link space.

Use Buzzsumo 

Remarkable social media tool tells you which topics are trending now. It is a priceless tool and first love of social media influencers. Going through Buzzsumo, you can be capable to write on trending topics.

Add Share Buttons Add social share buttons on your website enables to share your content for your visitors.

Make sure these badges are apparent for readers.

Pinterest Pins

This is my personal experience. Formulate tempting pins for your Pinterest page and investigate other pins.

Taking off a Pinterest page is the easiest process to boost traffic. My Pinterest page is getting 15k views per month.

Opt for Instagram 

Another social image-networking platform. Run your Instagram stories and craft enticing images and tag other pages on Instagram.

Develop a master plan on how to make use of images on the Instagram page.

Buy Ad Space

Do some paid advertising directly on niche based website. Several websites offer banner ad space for the money. Find niche connected websites and pay them to place your ad and get potential visitors for your blog.


Employ this ad campaign into both PPC and FB dashboard. You might be given tremendous advantages for this ad format to engage the viewers.


There is not traffic decreasing sign in the case of Reddit. Begin with this networking website and connect with other users. Participate in questions and answers.

At the beginning level, you cannot get backlinks but later on, when you get old users, you would get backlinks with traffic.

In-depth Articles 

In-depth articles may invite learners. So post in-depth content on your blog and enhance the possibilities of clicks.

Google has separate features in SERP, so if you work harder, your content may be indexed into the SERP feature.

Launch Free Course

You may have noticed this technique earlier that every blogger is giving free training courses or PDF guides, so why you are hesitating.

Rank for Less-competitive keywords 

You are roaming in SEO after knowing this competitive world. Why don’t you rank your website for less-competitive keywords? 

In this case, a webpage can rank at the very least time.

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