How to Know Your Emails Have Been Opened?

Many times when you pitch a mail to someone but the receiver does not respond sooner or later.

In this case, the receiver can blame you that you did not proceed with any email.

An email account is an essential way to start and sustain communication among people. Especially, incorporate people and teams rely on the emails they are sending to each other. Also, email data is considered very reliable instead of verbal communication.

Why Folks Love Gmail

Gmail is the most used platform to make the connection between two people no matter what information they are exchanging as well as Gmail has a high trust rate because Google offers a variety of features to protect the individual Gmail account like 2-step verification.

And anyone can utilize Gmail tool at no charge.

Ways to know mail was opened or not?

You always have to wait sometime it can a long time to get the response from the users.

But some receivers make you fool by saying that they did not get mails from your side.

Steps to Track The Mail in The Sent Box

These following methods may help you to find out the information regarding sent mails, were they opened or not?

Action 1 :-

You need to install Mail Track chrome Extension. Click on the following link to add the mail track extension in the chrome browser.

After adding a chrome extension, a mail track icon will appear right below the close button.

install Mail Track chrome Extension

Now, this mail track tool needs to be logged in. and you have to access this tool account by adding a Gmail account.

Click on the sign-in button and start using the mail track tool.

Action 2:-

A popup will show after clicking the sign-in or connect with Google button.

clicking the sign-in button

You will be asked to activate the mail track. Press this button.

Action 3:

You are almost near to get the solutions.

Open your Gmail account you want to track emails in.

Action 4:

While accessing the Gmail, you will be asked to click on the allow button.

Action 5:

Actually, there is not action remaining to be taken.

Just head over to the Gmail sent box segment, there will be plenty of email received by you.

Two symbols are appearing right before the subject of a received email.

understand the right symbols
  • One right symbol – Mail has been sent.
  • Double right symbols – Mail has been opened.

By this way you can understand your mail read percentage also this process can be followed in the email marketing campaigns in which you send thousands of emails.

Why to Choose of Mail Track Extension

  • You get real-time notifications.
  • You can use a separate dashboard to track mails.
  • This mail track tool can be utilized on mobile devices like android.

There are some more tools like mail track that can be employed in the Gmail interface.

  • Business Mail
  • Right Inbox

Some email marketing tools facilitate the users to get to know opened and closed emails. This process can be applied to other browsers like Firefox, Internet, explorer, safari, and opera.

Mail track extension is one of the simplest methodologies to carry out successful email marketing campaigns.

Let me know in the comment section are you able to track your emails by this method.

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