How to Install WordPress Theme

Installing a new WordPress theme is always a critical task. You cannot make blunders while adding a new theme to your new blog.

A Wordpress theme matters the most on a WordPress blog to engage the visitors who are landing on a website.

In the WordPress directory portion, loads of free and premium themes could be discovered simply with a single click. 

WordPress does not particularize the theme means, which theme is suitable for a blog or which for service-based or which for eCommerce website. You have to determine to go through in-depth research because the theme installation method is performed once.

If you change your blog theme frequently, it leads you to tremendous disadvantages.

Things to Remember Before Installing a Theme

Activating a new theme will transform all existing functionality. If your blog is at the elementary level, then the issue will be recovered shortly.

But, you are introducing a new WordPress theme over the old theme then keep your website backup to store your database.

Now Start Installing and Activating a New Theme

Open the WordPress Dashboard.

Access the WP admin panel by adding an email account and password and head over to the WordPress dashboard.

Now go into the appearance segment and click on the first given theme option.

appearance segment

In this free and premium WP theme directory, you are given several alluring SEO friendly themes.

Click on add new button.

A new tab will appear on the desktop screen.

Before selecting the attractive WP theme, you can employ “feature filter”.

See the below image:

feature filter

Three filters are associated in the feature filter section.

  • Subject – In this row, 9 checklists are listed like a blog, eCommerce, education, news and so on. These are the themes types. Select a desirable menu and press apply the filters button right above.
  • Features – what kind of feature you want to have into themes like custom background, editor-style, footer widget or sticky post and so on. Choose one of the multiple options and go through the apply filter tab.
  • Layout – this segment allows you to determine an appropriate layout for the installing theme. Grid layout, three columns and left sidebar layout are added under the layout segment. Any of them can be preferred to have into the mobile-friendly WordPress theme interface.

After this, in case you have already a theme name and you can type directly into the search themes search box.

Every WP theme comes with custom content, categories, and tags. WP search box enables queries to show up appropriate themes for keywords.

Now your selected theme appears in the theme dashboard.

We would like to recommend having a click on the live preview button. You have the privilege to see the preview of a theme on the website without making it live.

Now click on the install button. It may take 2-10 seconds to take the next step.

Press the activate button.

Press the activate button.

Visit your website, your theme will be ready to serve with new features, looks, and functions.

There is another way to add a theme without installing the WP theme directory. 

Step for Uploading a Theme Into the WP Dashboard.

The theme you are going to upload will work well as activating into WP dashboard.

Again you have to head over to appearance segment – theme button.

Click on add new, you will see an upload theme button.

upload theme button

Follow this tab, and upload all the programming files of the theme you want to run on the blog.

Where to get theme file – before preceding this option, you should have all the coding files including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc.

Now you can start customizing the theme.

Which Theme You Should Prefer

A theme should be SEO friendly so that you can implement all the Search engine optimization strategies.

A WP theme must be adsense friendly if you are going to apply adsence code. Theme formation should support display advertising.

WP theme must be mobile-friendly – means its webpages should be load fast in all mobile devices and desktop as well.

Easy to design – Proposed WordPress theme should contain the features that help you to customize and modify themes quickly whether you are adopting a free or premium theme.

Installing and activating SEO friendly themes could be easy if you follow the above steps. 

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