20 Google SERP Features 2020 (Tricks for High CTR)

Google SERP Features are the alluring elements of the search engine result page which is the most attrative segment in the SERP apart from the top 10 organic listings.

Some of them you may have carried out to utilize for your website to grab searcher’s awareness. You can apply some snippets into your website like reviews, prices, etc yourself but few of them only executed by Google itself.

Mainly SERP features are practiced to deliver specific and very short data in the very least space to answer the query more specific. It’s up to the user’s query what keyword they write down in the search box.

If you type “hotels in the USA”, then you would likely get “LOCAL PACK” in results.

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If you type for a celebrity, Google generates a knowledge card along with fundamental information.

The foremost objective of these SERP features is to stand out your listing into SERP. In this post I am revealing which all snippets are essential for you and how to perform them.

1. Twitter Cards

Get the advantage of twitter cards by writing a routine post on your twitter handler. If a searcher’s query is similar to your recent tweets, then Google will demonstrate your tweets in SERP. If your tweets are performing into SERP for queries, then likelihoods are huge, that people may reach your services.

Twitter Cards


  • Update your twitter page periodic and link it to your website or blog.
  • Not necessary to be verified a twitter account. Google extracts tweets from both verified and non-verified accounts.
  • View – Both mobile and desktop.
  • Insert hashtags, keywords, links, and images into a tweet.

2. Knowledge Panel

A knowledge panel portion provides general and historical information for a particular query. It does not appear for all queries.

Knowledge panel is the remarkable segment of SERP, where users can engage and trust you instantly. When folks search for people, blogs by typing their sole names, then a knowledge panel surfaces in the left sidebar.

You neither dominate knowledge panel nor can you delete. Everything is formulated and set by Google by gathering the linked data virtually about you or your website.

Knowledge Panel


  • Achieve the right SEO tactics for a website.
  • Create a detailed about us page.
  • Fill all the basic information narrating the organization.
  • Install organization schema coding into your website header.

3. Map Results (Local Knowledge Panel)

People can find your shop by following the google map. This type of results only appears when googlers search nearby places or location-based questions like food shops, book shops or malls in the city. This is a distinctive way to list your website on SERP.

Map Results

Tip: Formulate this result by developing Google my business page. This page helps you to show contact details, open hours, images, and business addresses.

Utilizing this SERP features a website may appear twice – first in the local listing, and second in organic results in Google SERP layout.

4. Video Result

Google tends to give preference to YouTube videos in its search results. It can be a tremendous success for you to get your videos to appear for queries in SERP. In this way, you have the privilege to raise your website traffic and number of leads.

Video Result


  • Begin with a YouTube channel and publish relevant videos.
  • Make connections between channels and websites.
  • Embed YouTube videos within blog posts to well-optimized.
  • Learn to optimize your video for Google Rank.

5. Search Ad (#1 position)

Optimize your search ad for higher ranking and get your ad won above others in SERP. In this case, it will be put on the top right below the search box. Your ad may be clicked and observed more than other listings.

Search Ad first ranking


  • Utilize Ad extensions to extend the visibility of a search ad including bid strategy, ad groups, campaign, etc.
  • Ad extension will serve you to cover larger space in the SERP.
  • Make a high-performance campaign formation.

6. Featured Snippet Box

Do you want top ranking in organic results?

Every SEO analyst is likely to optimize their websites for featured snippets because it is the most valuable box which gets the most appeal of searchers.

Googlebot selects bullet points and miner parts from a webpage to illustrate in the featured snippets.

If your website gets inserted into featured snippets, you may be given these benefits:

  • Better CTR
  • Higher impressions
  • Increment in the traffic
  • Balanced bounce rate
  • Low exit rate
Featured Snippet Box

In 2020, Google has ended listing two sites in the first top ten organic listings.

Now featured snippet box is counted as the first ranking and part of organic results.


  • Create valuable and unique content that should be better than competitors.
  • Understand Google algorithms.

7. Image Pack

Image Section grabs the attention of searchers if you produce fascinating layouts. Image results are listed as same as video results in a row format for queries.

Image Pack


  • Design SEO friendly themes for the website that are easy to load and do not affect a page opening time.
  • Add strong Alt tag to inform Googlebots of what relationship is between page and image.
  • Compress all images and banners

8. In-Depth Article

For log tail or LSI keywords, Google illustrates such in-depth articles. These sets of articles include approx 3000 words into the content body.

In-Depth Article


  • Publish high quality and unique articles including schema markup to boost the chances for #1 ranking and website traffic.
  •  Update published articles occasionally and adds more information.
  • Write effective Meta Tags for the blogpost.
  • Study the WordPress blog SEO.
  •  Workout on the page load time to improve keyword ranking.

9. Top Stories

If you are a reliable publisher of broadly and real-time trending topics, then your website may appear in top stories. Google also adds publisher name and date right below the image into the stories section.

Top Stories
  • Build RSS Feed of All News Articles.
  • Produce content on viral and real-time news topics.
  • Apply news sitemap.
  • Add news website schema.
  • Write on news topics for being searched virtually.

10.Related Questions

Google list some questions extracting them from your website or blog. This segment may be listed somewhere in the first 10 URLs.

These questions with answers appear right below the Meta description section into SERP.

Related Questions
  • Add a portion of frequently asked questions including their answers.
  • Add researched questions and answer them with examples.
  • Add FAQ schema as well.
  • Include questions that are hunted by users very often.

11. Jobs Search

Are you running a job oriented website? Then develop your website to get enrolled in Job results. 

So far, Google has been producing like a monster, Naukri, LinkedIn, etc. for job-based queries.

Jobs Search


  • Post detailed job events including company JD, contact details, job responsibility, etc.
  • Execute the easiest navigation path.
  • Make your website popular.

12. Hotels Cards

Are you looking for a hotel to stay some time in? You probably would like to find the best one in less time. Google may help you to deal with such tricks. Type hotel-related queries into the search box.

Hotels Cards

You can see below results:-


Conduct competitor’s analysis and apply right content marketing strategy.

13. Instant Answer

Google display sort answers into instant results. Are your looking for a festival date or full name or someone then Google will generate small and exact answers.

Instant Answer

In which, Google does not show any link or some sort of definition.

Tip – You cannot dominate these SERP feature.

See the examples –

14. Shopping Ads

Searching for selling out products through Google AdWord?

Shopping campaigns may increase your product sales within a few hours.

Shopping Ads

In this SERP feature, Images, product prices, names are included.

See below pic to see the shopping ad structure-

15. PPC Ad (right below the organic)

Adwords (bottom) ads also are publicized right below the top ten organic results. This is a general listing of commercials you may have noticed usually.

Google either presents search ads or shopping ads.

PPC Ad (right below the organic)

Tip: Set-up PPC Campaign and begin with paid ads.

16. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

This snippet is applicable only for mobile devices. Google favors webpages which are built in a responsive mobile-friendly version.

AMP is recommended for fast loading webpages to have better experiences. Besides Google also prefer mobile-first indexing rule.

Tip: You can either make an M version of a website that would be adopted for mobile devices or you can perform AMP accelerated mobile page variant for a website.

17. Sitelinks

Sitelinks are another unavoidable component for organic results and highly advised for boosting a better click-through rate. When you hunt for the actual name of a website or blog, then, mostly these site links are shown with the home page URLs of a website.

Sitelinks are the combination of internal webpages and viewers can visit directly get into the website.



  • Make your website navigation simple.
  • Create SEO friendly XML sitemap
  • Do not avoid the internal link-building structure.

18. Reviews & Ratings

Reviews results are an added element of features snippets and can affect a webpage CTR.  Employ reviews and prices snippet fulfilling schema code for a particular webpage.

These reviews aid you to grab more clicks and impressions of searchers and force them to open a page. You have the opportunities to drastically increase CTR.

Tip –

  • Do not generate fake reviews and do not implement fake ratings into schema otherwise ready to get panelized.
  • Understand structured data characteristics and insert suitable products rating.

19. Flights

These flight results are represented into a box including time, duration, duration, and destinations, etc. Seeking for flights based information, you then can notice such results.

Flights snippets

Tip: Put basic to advanced data on your website including comprehensive information.

20. People Also Ask

We have explained around 19 SERP features that are considered proven SEO tactics and “People Also Ask” is the last result types in our list.

People Also ask section is the kind direct answer that is made live by Google, that to appears between first top ten listing. You can optimize your website to be listed in such a section. Inside this result, Google showcases the most relevant answers to users’ intent.

If a user press any question added in people also ask, you will see new enhancement of queries immediately. Furthermore, you can copy all these queries to optimize your content.

Any query ask in comment section!

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