10 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress to Easy Ads Management

Do you want to manage Google AdSense ads on WordPress site/blog efficiently? In this article, you will find the best Google AdSense plugins for WordPress that are available for all the WordPress users. These WP plugins will surely productive to amplify the earnings from AdSense.

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If you have joined other money-making advertising networks programs, even then these WP plugins may be used to lead the ads placement, ads clicks, and ads impressions.

1. Insert Post Ads

To increase the Google AdSense revenue, Insert Post Ads WP plugin might be a game-changer. It helps to increase the click-through rates on the website/blog.

When you insert AdSense code manually, it can be a long and lengthy method. But when you prefer to have Insert post ads plugin, manually patterns are not necessary to be followed. This plugin will add Google AdSense ads code automatically between the paragraphs once it is activated in the WP dashboard.

Insert Post Ads WordPress tool aims to provide comfort while employing AdSense. Most of the auto ad injection features and settings you get are auto-updated, advanced, and secure.

Users can filter options to setup AdSense code between the paragraph, beginning of the post, end of the post, and sidebar locations.

Features Insert Post Ads :

  • Get the best click-through rate
  • User-friendly plugin activation
  • Robotic Google AdSense injection
  • Choose where to insert ads code such as pages, posts, etc.
  • With this plugin, any third party codes can be attached quickly
  • Get specific “posts adverts” segment once installing.

2. WPInsert

Looking for the best ads-management aid, activate the WP-Insert plugin to get help for ads insertion. WP-insert is AdSense optimized WordPress plugin that increases your ad-management experience. This WP plugin offers you several ads placement choices without restrictions.

Any format of ads can be inserted between the paragraphs from the introduction to the conclusion. Rather WP users can hide the ads placement on specific posts/pages/categories. Ad Widgets section ensures your sidebar ad placements.

 Features for WP-insert:

  • AMP version support available
  • The algorithm will not make your site slow
  • A/B Testing tools for an ad placement choice
  • On-demand monitoring to increase the AdSense revenue
  • Add any type of embed codes in footer and header
  • Full control over where to display ads
  • Up to 10 ads can be displayed on a post/page.

3. Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense WP plugin refers to faster and flexible ways to operate Google ads injections to upgrade ads revenue.

If you want to do ads placement experiments then go with a quick AdSense WP plugin. That comes with less complicated dashboard settings and you do not need to run customization for long. Several default ad positioning settings you might be given for free.

Features of Quick AdSense

  • A maximum of ten ads can be placed on a single page/post.
  • No programming skills need to manage configuration interface
  • Reliable privacy protection
  • Quick AdSense is completely free and there are no hidden charges.
  • Display ads on the blog post/webpage anywhere, mid of the page, etc.

4. Ad Widget

Ad Widget provides you the contentment for ads management functionality in which you receive user-friendly and convenient ad management. We do not make you overwhelm with complicated customization features. The use of this Ad widget WP plugin is steady, adaptable, and secure. 

Rather, the simplest drag and drop options are utilized to set ads placement quickly. With Ad widget Plugin you get the complete supremacy and authority over the use.

Features of Ad Widget :

  • Less intricate ad management dashboard
  • Easier placement for all ads networks
  • Banner ads can be used easily
  • High beneficial for beginners level users

5. Ads Pro Plugin

As the name sounding, this is a purely premium plugin that is designed for the WP advanced users. With ads pro plugin, you have the display alternatives to showcase the ads on the website into 20 different ways. Users can manage, sell their ad placement space. 

This plugin is compatible with all the affiliate and AdSense alternatives ads codes. Ad pro plugin is responsive and supportive for all WordPress themes to show similar ads category wise that relate to the content. Moreover, ads can be scheduled and displayed by region-wise, cities, and zip codes.

Features of Ads Pro Plugin

  • Random ads, grid ads, slider ads, corner peel, sidebar ads are the significant methods you can prefer.
  • Ads template features are available to display ads in formats.
  • Customizable plugin with WordPress, woo commerce, HTML5, CSS3
  • AD block detection/ free of ad block
  • Features to run ads for x times per session/users (Capping option)
  • Run ads before/after/inner in post/pages.
  • Multiple Billing Alternatives (CPC, CPM, CPA)

6. Easy Google AdSense

Do you want to get rid of manual ad placement in WordPress? Easy Google AdSense WP plugin contains the advanced component enough to make ad positioning easier.

While installing Easy Google AdSense plugin on WordPress site/blog, insert the Google ad publisher id once, this plugin algorithm will decide where should be an ad placed and what time ad needs to be circulated. Rather plugin helps you to pick the ads to improve the user experience and engagement.

Easy Google AdSense WP plugin works on the auto-monetization advertising technique that is operated by Google AdSense officials. When you go with this technique, Google inspects the site’s niche and content, and ad formats and placements are determined by Google not you.

Features with Easy Google AdSense

  • The plugin is migrated with page-level ads
  • Ads are managed by machine learning
  • Ads are displayed as per the performance
  • No issue if you use third-party adverting programs
  • AdSense optimized plugin

7. Advanced Ads

Faster your click-through rate and generate high Google AdSense income by installing Advanced Ads WP plugin that delivers you a simple ad manager dashboard. This plugin is worthwhile as it works with all types of ad networks and is a well-ordered user-friendly WP plugin. Provided next level support is obtainable with premium Advanced Ads version.

Through this plugin, unlimited ads can be created, managed, and displayed for free at the very least time. This amazing WP Plugin is outlined to follow a specific WordPress standard. Users can determine on which device to display ads such as desktop, mobile, or both.

Features of Advanced Ads

  • Ad rotations feature Availability
  • Sell ad space to the third parties
  • AMP ads supported ads    
  • 30-day Money-Back (with the premium plan)
  • Managed unlimited different types of ads (dynamic ads as well)
  • Run Lazy loading ads and get tracking reports

8. Ad Inserter

Utilize Ad Inserter WP ads management Plugin that can be accessed for free. Whether you are running a WP blog or website this plugin is inherent enough to run several ad formats (Amazon Associate Ads, Media.net) evenly at the moment without affecting your site/blog speed. 

Ad inserter is a Google AdSense optimized user-friendly plugin that offers you feature to add opt-in forums, CSS, HTML, PHP codes swiftly.

This plugin enables the advanced settings alternatives to add an advertising code with any HTML element. You can find a dedicated AdSense support with Ad Inserter WP plugin. Lastly, users can extract the performance report in PDF format that incorporate click tracking and impressions monitor data.

Features of AD Inserter

  • Fraud click detector tool with a free plugin
  • Geo-targeting, city level, and region, etc.
  • WordPress custom support (default)
  • Ad Blocking detection 
  • An on-demand in-depth detailed report
  • AMP Ads Support
  • AdSense code generator
  • Responsive AdSense Ads Support

9. WP Quads – Quick AdSense

WP Quads is another pliable and secure WP plugin that is available in the WordPress directory for the bloggers, affiliate marketers, and small and large business owners. This plugin is the modern full-featured WordPress tool that entitles you to insert Google AdSense text, shopping, display ads.

WP Quads works well in the mobile-optimized and responsive ad as well.

No external or third-party code will require installing this WP Quads plugin. The free version is listed in the WP directory and accessible for anyone. If you are not satisfied with the above-stated plugins then the right time to look at WP Quads.

Features You Get with WP Quads

  • Responsive Google AdSense ads support
  • Get export/import plugins to migrate data/files 
  • Dynamic AdSense Positioning
  • Determine the location of the on-site ad on pages/posts.
  • Stunning Google Auto Ads
  • Set ads sizes for different devices

10. WP In Post Ads

Enjoy AB split test features and get control over each page/post individually with WP in Post Ads Plugin for free. You can conduct the test experiment for ads placement to check on which place ads are getting clicks and impressions the most.

Rather tracking options can be enabled to know the impression and clicks counts. Select on which location your ads should be run such as above the title, below the title, between the body content, sidebar, below the content, and any other position.

This AdSense plugin lets you insert the ads code using a shortcode method. Additionally, ads can be scheduled like how many days after display ads or prevent running after x days.

You can make a connection between the Google analytics and WP In Post Ads plugin to receive the in-depth report on ads performance. This plugin is easy to install and activate in all WordPress themes, there is no recommendation for theme usability.

Let begin with WP in Post Ads and get help from free support.

Features are added with WP In Post Ads Plugin:

  • 24 hours plugin/AdSense support
  • Download documented compressive information about features and settings
  • Get control over each post/page.
  • Randomly display ads options
  • Hide ads andrun built-in features 

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Google AdSense lets the users display up to three ads on a page/post. With the other advertising programs, you can maximize ads placement up to ten varieties of ads for a page/post.

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