Free Article Submission Websites List 2021

Publishing an article on the other high quality and high PR websites to get a backlink is called the article submission process and those websites which are accepting content, are article submission websites. Article submission techniques are the essential and effective methods to increase the website traffic and keywords ranking in the organic search (Mainly Google SERP).

Online businesses follow various techniques to advertise their business digitally like paid and social media marketing campaigns. But they can never be avoided reliable article submission sites list to get published their quality content at free of cost.

Yes, most of the article viewing websites always accept blog posts at no charge, this thing makes the article posting methodology stand out.

Some high authority article submission brands (websites):

  • – DA – 96
  • – DA – 92
  • – DA – 81
  • – DA – 92
  • – DA – 61
  • – DA – 91    
  • – DA – 96
  • EzineArticles.COM – DA – 81

What Exactly Article Submission is

Article submission is a powerful off-page SEO optimization technique that is performed to increase brand awareness, product sales, website and blog traffic, keywords ranking through getting nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

In other advertising methods, marketers have to run a variety of paid campaigns and operate and monitor them frequently.

In case of article accepting directories or websites, the submission method is followed one time and you built a strong linking relationship for long rather you do not have to pay the charge to get approved your blog post.

Why You Should Do Article Submission

In digital marketing, plenty of link building techniques are losing their reliability and effectiveness. But some off-page methodologies are still trustable including article submission. This is a free way to accomplish your goals just creating high-quality content. And once your article is live means you have built substantial resources for a website.

These following targets are achieved by article submission process:-

  • Quality traffic on the website (invite audience towards your website services)
  • High authority strong backlinks to pass the link juice
  • Brand awareness so that online folks can recognize your website
  • Keywords search ranking in the different search engines
  • Increase website popularity and visibility

Submit Content on Article Submission websites

Choose a niche – hunt for niche-based websites. Suppose you have a travel website and you are looking for sites that publish travel content. Such Relevancy improves the search engine visibility of a website.

Look for high authority – the article submission website you are looking for should have high authority than your website which you linking to. Imagine your website has twenty domain authority than you should publish the content on the website having domain authority more than twenty.

Check the website traffic – If the submission website is getting traffic then it will be an unavoidable advantage for you.

Examine the backlink – Going through another blog post links, you can review which type of backlink you will be allocated.

Mostly, two sorts of inbound links are delivered.

Do follow – Highly endorsed by Google and such links directly affect the position of the keywords. Anchor tag should be keyword based.

<a href="link">keywords</a>

No follow – Second, the most preferred HTML no follow link formation. Google does not follow such links and you will not get ranking benefits. But you should build such links as well.

<a rel="nofollow" href="link">keywords</a>

You can go through the inspect element by right-clicking on the link in already live blog posts.

Create SEO friendly content – to get closer to your goal you will have to craft engaging content by adding keywords and working latent semantic indexing and keywords proximity.

Do not forget to write an attractive author’s bio. Some article submissions blogs let the publisher add backlink in the author bio section. You can be allowed to place social media links.

Register website – the article posting process starts with signing up the website filling emails and passwords. Then you have to locate the submit article segment or add a blog post button.

Every website has its article approval guidelines like content length, how many backlinks you will be given and so on. Read the guidelines carefully. It will help you out to make live your article quickly.

Note – Few sites accept links in the body content.

Get the List of Article submission websites

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Wrapping UP

Article submission is the best way to strengthen the presence of online businesses. You should utilize this off-page search engine optimization technique.                                                                              

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