How to Create Table of Content Manually in WordPress within 1 Min (Without Plugin)

Table content has the potential to assist in a higher ranking in the SERP.

It is a tiny segment of internal links that guide the visitors about which elements a webpage is carrying.

Users can click on given links and directly visit a particular segment to gather information without scrolling the page or wasting time in finding the particular stuff.

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In this article, I am revealing a secret to originating a table of the content section for a particular page in WordPress without installing any plugin.

View of table content:

View of Table of Content

What are the advantages of this table content?

The benefits of table content are unavoidable.

Get Listed Into Featured Snippet Box

Google may extract all text from the table of the content section to add inside the featured snippet box.

Like this

Featured Snippet Example

Featured snippets box is a separate section that can be produced by Google in the organic SERP. You can get the increment in the clicks and impressions being added into the snippet box.

Site Link Could be Created

Because of the table of content, some site links can be displayed right below the organic listing in the SERP containing a table of content links.

It will help your website to get clicked and extend the visibility area for a webpage.

Folks who are scrolling the SERP they may heed on your listing.

Improve The Blog Speed

In case you opt for a WordPress plugin that might affect the blog speed negatively.

Loading speed is a ranking factor the most these days. 

Mainly, plugins contain the CSS and JavaScript coding files. In many cases, CSS and JavaScript are the main cause of high loading speed.

Implementing manually table of content (TOC) is an advantage to avoid unnecessary coding files.

Follow This Procedure to Achieve The Table of Content Within a While

Note – the text headings should be into HTML heading table format.

1. Collect all the headline of paragraphs which you want to include into a table of content and add all of them around the header of a blog post.

Then create a specific URL for a particular heading.

For instance, I have taken these three headings to be listed in the table of content format.

  • Average CTR for a website
  • Total click on your listing in organic SERP
  • optimize your webpage

To make a table link path for the first heading that is recognized as an H2 tag.

Link configuration would be like this –


I need to click on the link inserting buttong in the table section.

See below image

Create Internal Link Path

Then go on the H1 heading section to add the “id” element –

Click on the edit as HTML button

This time this heading tag is seeming like this

<h2> See the below picture </h2>

Now add id attribute

<h2 id=”Average_CTR_for_a_website“> See the below picture </h2>

Add id Attribute in The Heading Tag

And go back to text format and press the publish button.

Perform the same exercise for your blog post and 

Let me know in the comment section is it working or not?

I assure you it is running properly.

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