How I do Change Powered by WordPress footer link

Are you a new wordpress blogger? Then surely you are looking to customize the themes.

In the customization process, you may get stuck with footer branding. Probably you do not understand how to change powered by section.

In which a custom theme link is added in the footer section when you are hand over the theme. Placing your blog or business website link in the powered by footer link makes you a reliable and professional influencer in your niche.

  • Footer branding and
  • Powered by

These are two terms that are used to define the footer custom link.

The third term you can use – powered by WordPress footer links

Pros of modifying footer branding

It is not just replacing the anchor tag rather footer link may affect your website in distinct tones.

Place your website link or webpage –

If you change the footer branding then visitors, who scroll down up to the footer section, they would likely to click on the given footer link. 

It will decline your website bounce rate, grow sessions and page visits.

In Case If You do not remove default footer link –

Your visitors may redirect to another website, that will be a huge loss for you without getting benefited.

Add Affiliate Link

This is the best way to earn coins, subscribe to the affiliate program on that particular website and keep adding the link into powered by section.

Your readers may follow the given path and some products may be acquired.

In this way, you can enhance your affiliate income.

Help SEO

If you attach your website link, then the Footer link is the best way to improve SEO performance.

The footer link is considered a highly authoritative backlink.

Prefer adding the home page URL.

Sell Footer Link

You can sell or sponsor this link. Surprise!

Many folks always look for building footer backlinks.

Provide some offers them by demanding a price that can be a backlink or money so that they can place a link into your website footer branding and also you can be benefited.

No-follow links for external sites

In case if you have decided to allow backlinks for external websites then provide them no-follow and no-referrer. 

It is valid and legal

Inserting your website link is completely legal and valid. Once removing custom links, nobody can claim even the theme inventor does not do so.

Now Start Customizing Powered by footer link

Simply, you have to enter the WP dashboard.

Scroll until you do not reach up to the appearance tab – press the theme editor badge.

Note: No need to create a child theme before proceeding. This task is not much complicated or risky.

You are just a few steps away.

In the theme editor section – spot function.php segment.

It is a coding part, Do not remove anything, it may hurt your website fully.

That is why you are advised to create a child theme.

Scroll once more in the fuction.php portion, this time you do it inside the section.

And paste this coding text at the very last.

add_filter( 'generate_copyright','tu_custom_copyright' );

function tu_custom_copyright() {





Do not ignore to edit this = “   WRITE YOUR CUSTOM COPYRIGHT TEXT HERE

I would like to replace it by typing this

Copyright © 2020

Now Code would look like this –

add_filter( 'generate_copyright','tu_custom_copyright' );
function tu_custom_copyright() {
Copyright © 2020

You can follow your website name. Add the year name as well.

Then click on the save change button, right below the editor.

And come out from the appearance and scroll the website.

This practice will let you remove the custom footer branding text.

Hope you have done perfectly.

Let me know in the comment box.

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