8 Best Free Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Alternatives in 2021

Looking for perfect alternatives for Yoast SEO WordPress plugin?

Many WordPress users find the Yoast SEO plugin valuable so they want to replace with a greater choice.

There can be several reasons to change the Yoast plugin:

  • Yoast plugin is not working well.
  • Yoast SEO plugin is making your WP site slow.
  • This plugin is not getting updated.
  • Yoast premium prices are not affordable.

And so on. 😊

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Anyway, you are all set to deactivate the Yoast SEO plugin and want to activate superior SEO WP plugin to implement on-page SEO. Below we are giving a long list of WordPress Yoast SEO plugin alternatives.

Rank Math

In the list of your alternatives, you can start installing a rank math WP plugin in which more advanced features are waiting for you.

Rank math is a free WordPress plugin that helps you craft SEO-friendly blog posts by setting up keyword density and internal and external linking.

Besides, the Rank math SEO plugin tells you the major mistakes occurring in your prospect content and also suggests you the way the mistakes will be improved quickly.

Just need to be followed the simplest installation and activation procedure to avoid the manual SEO optimization on WordPress. Once the plugin is set up, begin with Google webmaster tool verification, Meta tags, defining cornerstone content, and lastly specifying keywords for webpages for free.

Moreover, users get smart SEO analysis and advanced SEO optimization especially for content.

These following tools you are given free with rank math:

  • Schema Markup and LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Smart Redirection Dashboard
  • SEO for Local Business
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Customizable Breadcrumbs 
  • Monitor your 404 webpages that may harm your site SEO performance
  • 1-click installation
  • AMP built-in features

The superfast Rank math WP plugin is suitable for all available kinds of websites’ types. Some important are:

  • Bloggers (All niche)
  • Ecommerce store owners
  • Local business
  • Real Estate site
  • Classified and directory sites

If you are going to replace Yoast SEO with rank math plugin then you can choose 1-Click Import from Yoast SEO Plugin to get collected all the previous data.

SEO Framework

SEO Framework plugin claims to deliver white hat SEO guidelines for free. White hat SEO techniques are loved by Google algorithms. These are considered the best way to ranking keywords higher.

To do so, the SEO framework itself generates SEO optimized Meta tags once an article is added as a post.

With the free access, you are served public level support but with premium SEO framework plugin, you can enjoy private level support.

Besides, with SEO Framework WP plugin, you are allocated two-level support such as level-0 support and level-1 support.

Under the level-0 support, no expert will help you instead you will have to find the solutions using “documents textual support” available on the official website.

Use data migration features to extract previous plugin files and add them to the SEO framework.

Features you should pay attention before going with SEO framework:

  • SEO score bar
  • Canonical URL automation
  • XML sitemaps  
  • Breadcrumbs for Google

Simple configuration and Meta optimization procedure make the SEO framework plugin one of the best Yoast SEO alternatives.

This WP plugin is completely free and there is no premium version of the SEO framework. Even though, you have may have to pay for some extensions to extend the plugin performance.


Establish full control over the on-page SEO performance through the SEOPressor WordPress plugin.

Over-optimization checker features can be a great way to stop the unwanted keyword stuffing. In the SEOPressor WP Plugin, you receive a built-in over-optimization identifier tool for free. Optimization suggestions and instant feedback are the add-ons of.

These five segments are powered by SEOPressor to help the small business owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers to quickly optimize their blogs.

  • On-page Analysis
  • Semantic Builder
  • Link Management
  • SEO Intelligence
  • Crawler Control

Install SEOPressor and conduct a site-wide SEO audit for blog. SEOPressor sends the notification of your site errors consistently as well.

If a site is missing any on-page SEO parameter then you will be notified shortly as a primary recommendation. 


Are you looking for a simple, secure, and powerful WP SEO plugin then no look further than SEOPress?

With the SEOPress WP free plugin, you get all the required features such as redirections (easy 301), sitemaps and breadcrumbs, etc. Besides, users can also find their broken links to overcome the quality SEO absence.

Apart from regular Meta tags setup, you can define robots tag such as index, no index, follow, no follow, etc.

SEOPress is designed to understand the Google active algorithms and provide you the suggestions and authentic recommendations that are preferred by search engines.

  • Get help to create Google knowledge Graph
  • Local business data type
  • No Advertising distractions
  • Import previous plugin data (CSV File format)
  • Rich Snippet Markup (Local, FAQ, Event, Job, Product, etc.)
  • Setup Fast XML sitemap and HTML Sitemap

All in One SEO Pack

Probably you have heard about all in one SEO WordPress plugin. All in one SEO plugin is exclusively for beginners who are just getting started blogs and small websites. This WP plugin contains all necessary advanced features to optimize your website faster and smart way.

The best thing is that when you plan to have a better WP plugin to fulfill your SEO optimization essentials then all in one SEO is considered the best suit and a wide collection of SEO and keyword-based automation tools.

Once installation, more than 50% optimization process will start automatically.

All in one SEO WP Plugin features:

  • Accelerated mobile pages supportive
  • Insert all kind of schema markups quickly
  • Support for 57+ languages free
  • Image and news sitemap setup
  • Analytics and webmaster support
  • Responsive for all blog posts and pages
  • Canonical, robots.txt, robots automation for posts and pages.
  • Setup Meta Tags, Meta descriptions for fast ranking


Start analyzing your content, images, alt tags, heading tags as well as internal and external links once activating WP Meta SEO plugin.

Bulk Content Meta Editor is an additional tool in which you can set up SEO optimized title and description tags for several webpages at once. And you may surprise these features are not available in the Yoast SEO.

This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory within a while for free. WP Meta SEO plugin comes with plenty of advanced functionalities that are deployed to increase the keywords ranking in Google SERP.

Also, the WP Meta plugin tells you the word count in the title tag and description tag. Permalink URL structure automation features may save your time even though you may have to change them as per the preference of SEO friendly permalinks. Images you are putting inside the pages/posts are measured by the plugin in terms of size and alt tags.

Fascinating WP Meta features represent this plugin as one of the most essential Yoast SEO alternatives. These following features you may enjoy to get tremendous advantages of site traffic.

If your website contains a large number of webpages or posts then you can manage their SEO techniques and operate whole site SEO analysis through a single WP Meta SEO plugin.

  • HTML Images resizing
  • Link title attribute
  • On-page SEO Analysis & Optimizer Tool
  • 404 not found page detector
  • Images alternative text and titles
  • Meta title and descriptions
  • Free access for eternity
  • Yoast SEO importer
  • Bulk link editor

Squirrly SEO

In the series of Yoast SEO alternatives, I am going to discuss Squirrly SEO WordPress SEO plugin.

Squirrly SEO is contemplated the beginner-friendly SEO plugin that works to strengthen essential on-page search engine optimization parameters.

With the Squirrly plugin, WordPress SEO can be accomplished effortlessly rather than Yoast. It’s user-friendly and less complicated attributes dashboard make SEO optimization easy for everyone.

If you are already employing Squirrly SEO then statics and analytics can be analyzed. But the WordPress website measurement cannot be found in case you are running a website at a basic level. Try this Squirrly SEO ultimate WordPress plugin to get your content optimized.

SEO handy tools will provide you support to make easier your work.

Necessary features that may be valuable for you as an SEO analyst are listed below:

  • Auto-activation for canonical URLs
  • HTML and XML sitemaps generators
  • Insert analytics, search console, FB pixel, and Tag manager codes.
  • Open graph installation for FB and Twitter

Premium SEO Pack

If you are not getting contentment from above mentioned Yoast WordPress alternatives then give a try to premium SEO plugin that will surely help you as per your requirements to increase the SEO values.

Through Premium SEO Pack WP plugin you are being able to manage canonical and robots tag for each page and post. This plugin lets you customize all the webpages and post using the preview bar and admin bar. You will find this free WP plugin compatible with eCommerce and other plugins.

Premium SEO Pack plugin can be installed for free and you do not need to have authorization for use of. If you get stuck while utilizing this WordPress plugin and get connected with support.


  • 404 monitor
  • Local SEO optimization
  • Minification of CSS and JavaScript
  • W3C Validator
  • HTML and XML generators
  • Update easily title and Meta description
  • Optimization for images/compressions
  • Rich snippets implementations
  • Permalink settings
  • Page speed insights


Select your favorite plugin for strong search engine optimization techniques and fast indexing of your site. These eight WP Yoast alternatives are a gem of the WordPress plugin directory section.

Ask a question if you have.

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