13 Best Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers In 2021

While launching a new blog over WordPress, you should go with a set of must-have WordPress plugins that will undertake all the technical accountability and save your time.

At the start, you can add these plugins into WordPress directory for free but to expand their quality and get the most out of you choose paid plans to enhance practice.

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These ultimate best wordpress plugins are consistent with WordPress CMS and its themes.

1. Jetpack – Stop Spam and Hacking


To protect your website and stop illegal login attempts from unknown computers, you must install the Jetpack WP plugin. Bloggers always face such troubles when someone tries to hack their blogs.

This plugin blocks such hackers who are finding the way to enter your dashboard. Mainly, Jetpack comes with a multitude of technical settings like spam filtering, site downtime tracking. Unlimited image CDN, site stats, etc.

Also, premium Jetpack plugin does technical exercises. For instance securities of login pages, activate 2-step verification, virus scanning, site backups, prevent spam commenters, and analyses page load time and much more.

All these operations are done by jetpack itself. It’s completely coding-free action that is accomplished by jetpack.

2. W3 Total Cache – Improve Loading Speed

W3 Total Cache

Do you want to improve your Google page insight and metrics score? W3 Total Cache WP plugin does the same thing for you. Once W3 Total Cache is activated, you can see instant results.

It is a cache plugin that does minification for CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Besides, it does minification of inline, third party CSS, and JavaScript. That means W3 Total Cache remove unnecessary coding files or compress them. It helps you to keep only must-have folders and files in your blog database.

It will lead you to make your website more mobile-friendly, increase keywords ranking, user experience, and conversions.

 Try W3 Total Cache plugin for free.

3. WP Smush – Image Compression Plugin

WP Smush

First off you need to know WP smush plugin compress all your uploaded images in a while. WP smush plugin will set on lazy load functionally. It modifies images size to make them browser friendly.

The best thing is that your images’ definition will not be affected. Through WP smush plugin, you optimize up to 50 graphics with a single click. Furthermore, it does several goals e.g. automatic optimization, corrects image sizes, remove needless data, and bulk compression etc.

If you are using WordPress galleries plugins, WP smush will compress images into the directory.

4. WooCommerce – Set ecommerce WordPress Site

WooCommerce Plugin

For eCommerce site owners, the WooCommerce WP plugin would be a game-changer to run product listings store. With the woo-commerce plugin, you can develop multiple carts, checkout, and product webpages for consumers. woocommerce ensures reliable security for payment gateway pages, products, and keep the credit cards information confidential.

WooCommerce is a fully open-source plugin that lets you implement third party coding to get the most out of. Moreover, get integrated with email and content marketing tools including Google analytics and Google tag manager.

Applying the woo-commerce plugin, users can sell products, memberships, subscriptions, bookings, and so on. A free woo-commerce plugin version is available. To get extended features buy premium.

5. Yoast SEO – Put SEO Efforts

Yoast SEO

This is the popular plugin that is surely installed by bloggers. Yoast SEO is the best plugin to achieve several things for search engine optimization. First, you can tell Google which content is the cornerstone. Second, you are allocated space to add keywords to define targeted keywords. With premium Yoast SEO, You will have the advantage to insert up to four keywords more.

Nay you can check Meta title and Meta description preview for mobile and desktop devices including their pixel and character length. Lastly, it reveals keyword density and proximity by telling which part of the content needs to be edited.

If you have a business website, you must go with a paid Yoast SEO plan to be successful.

6. Akismet – Block Spam Messages


You have launched a fresh blog but suddenly started getting tons of spam messages in large numbers, now you are unable to filter them manually, Akismet WordPress plugin is a helper to make your blog spam-free. Akismet free plugin will adequate to remove or prevent comment messages permanently.

Plus, you are using the contact form on the contact page that is being packed with plenty of spam messages; Akismet plugin will also shorten such spam contact messages for free. This plugin is less complicated and once activation, no need to be concerned to manage to delete messages.

Install Akismet, it is all set to start keeping out spams across WP blog.

7. Elementor – Design Webpages


For bloggers, I would like to recommend Elementor to be made an attractive design. This WordPress page builder comprises dazzling templates free and you are authorized to access them to be created landing pages, sales, and conversion webpages.

This free plugin is a combination of 30 basic widgets like title, videos, images, banners, etc. To activate supplementary 50 widgets you would have to go with the paid elementor. This plugin allows you to add custom CSS and integrate more than 30 tools. As a blogger, you also design 404 error pages.

I recommend premium elementor for commercial use, for small blogger free features and widgets would be ample.

8. Broken Link Checker – Find “404 Not Found Pages”

Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken links refer to webpages that do not work. Such pages do not contain value and they are responsible for bad user experience. When user visits 404 not found webpage and find no data listed on, he/ she may leave the site at that moment. Following specific cases may cause of broken links on the website.

  • If you have deleted a webpage but it is still indexed in Google.
  • If you have changed the permalink of a page but you did not use redirection.

Now you need to check which links are not working properly. Sometimes you may make such broken links unknowingly yourself.

Install broken link checker WordPress plugin that is available free of cost and will detect broken pages.

9. WPForms – Make Contact Forms

WPForms Plugin

Do you need a drag and drop contact form builder plugin? WPForms is a standard wrodpress plugin that creates forms for not only the contact page but you can generate payment forms, newsletter forms, registration form, and survey form.

Single Responsive WP plugin and multiple solutions.

Under WPForms, you get enticing templates, simple management, shortcode to insert form on blogposts, spam protection facility, many more features.

When you start blogging, you always need to communicate with readers. Sometimes readers would like to talk to you. By contact form, you can deliver an easy path to start a positive communication.

10. Redirection – 301, 302 Redirection

Redirection wordpress plugin

Utilize this 10 years old plugin to carry out 301 permanent and 302 temporary redirections. Also, it tracks 404 not found webpages and makes a list to notify you.

With redirection WP plugin, you do not need to have .htaccess file to be modified and set up manual redirection.

Rather, users are entitled to access features to configure redirection even in certain conditions – for a specific browser, if cookies are set already, for specific IP addresses. Also, through import features, you may extract date from third-party plugins like SEO redirection, rank math, and simple 301 redirects.

11. MailChimp – Enlarge Emails List


Now it has become easy to invite visitors to subscribe to the newsletter. Mailchimp is a trustworthy name in the list of email marketing tools.

You can design opt-in forms, send newsletters to your email subscribers, and increase email lists through the Mailchimp plugin.

You may integrate your WordPress site with a Mailchimp plugin in seconds.

Additional features:

  • Several style forms
  • In-depth result report
  • Advanced functionality for eCommerce

12. WP-Optimize – Keep Clean WP Site

WP-Optimize plugin

Three goals you can attain installing a wp-optimize plugin.

  • You cache your site for speed up webpages.
  • You switch on automated image compression functions
  • This plugin helps you to optimize your WP database and clean nonnative files.

All actions are made under your control and you can maximize control by taking premium WP-optimize plugin. WP-optimize allows you to conduct weekly clean-ups. You do not require manual movements.

Images sizes are the crucial hurdle to be the fastest site. But WP-optimize lets you use the auto-compress function for free.

13. Social Snap – Boost up Social Sharing

Social Snap Plugin

Do you want to take advantage of the social media audience? Then look at social snap WP plugin. With a single plugin, you are being able to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Mix, and LinkedIn.

Bloggers may see an increment in site visibility and quality backlinks when their readers would begin with the mass sharing of blog posts.

To do so, you have to take notice of producing valuable content, graphics, and videos to engagement.

Into social snap, you are allocated to section to have control over placing social buttons, deciding designs, display total share count, shapes.

Wrapping up

WP Plugins can be installed quickly and inspect benefits at the same. We have researched the most useful plugins for blogs and business sites.

You can ask questions in the comment box about plugins in the below comment box.

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