12 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins to Speed up Your Blog

Cache WordPress plugins are a great way to speed up a WordPress website or blog quickly. No require programming and technical skills to boost up the performance or your fast-growing blog.

Folks who work as Search engine optimization experts, they know how influential website speed is.

You know that your visitors and buyers are very important and you do not want to lose them.

Upgrading the website speed matters the most and it is one of the essential ranking factors. When you start optimizing your website for Google and other search engines, the website speed should be the first point.

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This blog I made for WordPress users. I am listing 12 the most adapted WordPress plugins so far. I want you to go through and get a plugin for your WordPress blog to make the fastest ever platform and give the best user experience to your visitors.

1. Shortpixel

When you visit the Shortpixel website, you find an awesome tagline text that “compresses and optimizes images”. And this cache plugin does the thing for your WordPress blog. After getting installed Shortpixel WP plugin, your SEO ranking will improve shortly.

But what is the guarantee here?

On the Shortpixel website, you are offered a search box tool where you can paste the URL of the image and run a quick image optimization inspection and get to know how this plugin will perform.

This cache WP plugin decreases the size of all images into WordPress without affecting the quality. This task is accomplished by the advanced image compression techniques like Lossy, Glossy, Lossless image optimization algorithms.

Just head over the image installation section into the WordPress dashboard and get a WP shortpixal activated shortly.

Up to 200 images, this shortpixal is completely free, to extend the features you need to upgrade. 

After installing, all images and infographics sizes will be reduced automatically.

For non-WordPress users, you are given the image optimization API that can be applied in any programming language.

Shortpixel WP contains these following features:

  • One-click backup and restore
  • Image safety high
  • same API key on multiple sites
  • save time with automation
  • PHP Compression Tool
  • Up to 90% compression rate
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP
  • Less bandwidth usage
  • Quick backups
  • Superfast websites
  • Image quality is preserved
  • Powerful Algorithms
  • Batch image optimization

You can download this WP plugin from this link.

2. AMP For WP

Are you not satisfied with ShortpixelYou can choose the #1 AMP Plugin for WordPress at no charge to build the Accelerated Mobile Pages.

First, learn what is AMP – Open-source techniques to optimize the website for mobile devices. This coding technology was developed by a community of developers and also supported by search engines. Now, AMP is available for different formats for installation.

Why this was launched for mobile devices?

53% of traffic land on the internet from mobile devices. 56.7% of users are on desktop devices – According to the 2019 study report. 2020 study yet to be conducted.

After getting into AMP for WP speed enhancing plugin, all the webpage will load faster than before and deliver the best experience to the visitors.

You can also research various tools like Gtmetrcis, Pingdom and Google page insight tool that open to all.

You will have great control over the AMP designed website.

With the full-featured AMP builder, alluring webpages can be built within a matter of seconds without working on the programming files.

AMP for WP plugin supports all SEO plugin like Yoast, all-in-one-SEO Integrations.

Features of AMP WP:

  • Designed for User Experience
  • Zero Restrictions
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Email Opt-in Support
  • All WP themes supported
  • Page Builder 3.0 for AMP
  • Easily create all segment required for the website
  • SmartCrawl integration
  • GDPR Compliance
  • SEO Framework integration
  • Page, Category & Tags Support Added
  • Rank Math SEO integration
  • Genesis Integration
  • AMP AdSense support
  • Custom AMP creator
  • Google Tag Manager Support

3. Perfmatters

Perfmatters is a great Lightweight WordPress performance plugin where you can remove the unnecessary code from the WordPress blog to improve the performance of.

You may have noticed the page insight tool for the minimization of CSS and JavaScript coding. This tool is helping you to remove the unwanted code into your website. On WordPress, you can do so manually if you know to program. Otherwise, no required to touch the theme editor, this Perfmatters WP plugin can be installed within a few seconds to speed up the WordPress blog.

To activate this plugin and reduce the HTTPS requests for the fast loading to get better user experience.

If you get stuck while performing, Perfmatters developers will help you under the support service.

Make your code clean, lightweight and no JavaScript on the frontend and remove the additional weight from a WordPress blog

Inside the easy to use Script Manager of Perfmatters plugin you get plenty of fine-tuned features and tool to keep the optimization go on. This script manager is added to the settings section.

  • Remove jQuery migrate
  • Disable scripts per page/post
  • Remove RSS feed links
  • Disable embeds
  • Add blank favicon
  • Disable emojis
  • Disable Google Fonts
  • Disable scripts with Regex
  • CDN Rewrite
  • Remove RSD link
  • Remove short link
  • Disable RSS feeds
  • Remove query strings
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable Password Strength Meter
  • Remove Dashicons
  • Add code to header or footer
  • Remove WordPress version number

Keep testing the blog loading speed in the Gtmetrix and bounce rate in Google analytics.

4. WP Super Minify

Minification is a new methodology to speed up the website by optimizing its images and programming files. To save efforts and time, WP Plugins play an essential role.

Go to the next level of WordPress website speed optimization to grow up with the advanced WP Super Minify Plugin.

First off, this plugin is free to available.

With the minify PHP framework, this plugin minifies, caches, combines CSS and JavaScript coding file to boost up the speed WP blog.

Once the installing WP Super Minify Plugin, you can check how the plugin is helping to reduce the size of programming files.

Just press the Ctrl + U and find the message in the view-source:

 *** Total size saved: 11.341% | Size before compression: 27104 bytes | Size after compression: 24030 bytes. *** 

If you get this message written in the source code, you’re CSS and JavaScript files have been compressed.


  • CSS the JavaScript and CSS
  • caches inline JavaScript and CSS files 
  • minify JavaScript and CSS

5. WP-Optimize

WP-optimize plugin is available in both free and premium versions. This is the first plugin in my list that cleans the WordPress database including so many tasks done by WP-Optimize that ever you are not aware.

Unknowingly, you leave the several unwanted files that are useless and just leading the high page load time.

This WP plugin deletes all the unnecessary in the WordPress dashboard file even without notifying you about it. This is the first basic activity that is done by wp-optimize once the plugin is activated.

  • EXIF data-keeping
  • Auto-compress function
  • Bulk compression
  • Lossy or Lossless compression options

Secondly, this plugin delivers the image compression features that convert the high size images and Infographics (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF) into the lowest possible size without influencing the image quality.

Also, this plugin conduct caching each time when your website is opened by visitors. Similar files are saved in the browsers to reduce the weight next time.

  • Cache preloading
  • Device-specific cache
  • Advanced exclude rules
  • Browser cache
  • Gzip compression
  • Easy debugging
  • Backup & control your sites

6. CDN Enabler

Through this CDN Enabler plugin, you can set-up a content delivery network system that will help you to reduce the load time of your webpage.

What is CDN?

This is a group of servers that helps you to deliver the fast delivery of content. After the activating CND enabler, you will be able to transfer all JavaScript, CSS, Video, and Images.

There are plenty of Content delivery network systems are available. You can also add to your website without using the plugin.

With this plugin, you get the scalability, performance, and reliability.

Additional Features:

  • Set included directories
  • Enable or disable for HTTPS
  • Supports Bedrock
  • Link assets

System Requirements:

  • PHP >=5.6
  • WordPress >=4.6

7. WP Fastest Cache

Looking for cutting-edge lossy/lossless compression techniques for your WordPress blog?

Why do you need such compression techniques?

The right answer is, you need speed.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin is the pure Cache plugin. This plugin plays a role when several visitors land on your WordPress website.

When a webpage is opened, it needs support and basic files like PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

Every time these files will be load while the visiting is landing on the webpage.

This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Themes as it is open-source software.

But this load process is done only first time once installing WP Fastest Cache Plugin into the WordPress dashboard.

Lastly, Minify HTML Features that can save the data while proceeding the websites and execution time.

I hope you got the point!

  • Cloudflare support
  • Preload Cache
  • Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices
  • Exclude pages and user-agents
  • SSL support
  • Cache Timeout for specific pages
  • CDN support

Also, understand how the website speed influences the search ranking algorithms.

To extend the features, go for the premium version.

8. LazyLoad by WP Rocket

The next arrow name is Lazyload in my quiver.

Do you understand what is an HTTPS request? This technical task is recommended by the testing tools like Google page insight and metrics to manage the better page load time.

What is the HTTPS request?

This request is sent by the browser to the server on which your website is hosted and being run currently.

This request should be reduced in the number and higher request means high page loading duration.

That is not good for a website at all.

Lazyload WP plugin helps you to overcome this HTTPS request issues quickly and the procedure starts once the plugin is uploaded.

Lazyload plugin implements the advanced compressions on the iframes, avatars, smiles, widget text, thumbnails, and images, etc.

Once installing, the compression procedure will start itself daily will make your WordPress website faster.

It takes the minimal setup time.

9. Cache Enabler

If you are not happy with above listed WP plugins then try this lightweight caching plugin that creates the static HTML files.

These static HTML files are stored on the server disk. These static HTML Files are provided by the server when the browsers send the request.

This cache Enabler also does the minification of HTML and inline JavaScript. You need to know that this is the first-ever WP plugin that delivers the WebP Support.

Cache Enabler plugin is one of the best user-friendly WordPress cache plugin offers the easy to use settings and you can install this plugin in mere seconds.

This open-source WP plugin can be edited and contributed by developers to improve the performance on the GitHub.

Features will be allocated with free Cache Enabler.

  • See the original cache size on the dashboard
  • The fast disk cache engine
  • Custom Post Type support
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Supports for responsive images

10. WP YouTube Lyte

As its name sounding, this WP YouTube Lyte plugin works for YouTube video on the blog. 

It applies the Lite YouTube Embeds into WordPress. After uploading this plugin, all the videos will look normal as before but once the getting clicked, all links will work faster.

This plugin supports all YouTube videos formats you update on the blog.

You can make the video playlist rendering very faster to deliver a better user experience to the visitors. 

If you upload multiple videos on the same page then you must try this plugin and examine the webpage performance in the gtmetrix or you can share the webpage among the friend and ask them how the page is browsing. 

So why you are delaying, install the plugin and make your videos highly responsive and Support for video object microdata.

Features of WP YouTube Lyte Plugin:

  • Multi-lingual (Support for multiple languages)
  • Fast videos rendering
  • Responsive embeds
  • browser compatibility
  • High definition supportive

11. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugin is one the most popular and installed cache-dedicated plugin that needs to be activated into the WordPress dashboard.

This plugin performs on the three stages:

  • Page Cache – Creation of static cache pages to enable to lower the load time and server response time.
  • Browser Cache – All the site files will be saved in the browser.
  • CDN Integration –create the instigation between the blog and CDN servers.

Honestly, I recommend this plugin because you will be delivered more than cache and this WP plugin is the first choice of all the WordPress bloggers.

Features of W3 Total Cache:

  • Compatible with all VPS hosting/dedicated server/shared hosting
  • Reliable content delivery network
  • Cache support for all mobile devices
  • AMP support
  • JavaScript Grouping
  • Support for All WP themes

12. WP Rocket

Many readers may be thinking that why I am adding WP Rocket plugin at the12th number? It should be on the top of the list.

The answer is,

First, install WP Rocket plugin, you will your WordPress blog a rocket.

I am not making fun.

Make the WordPress load fast in a few clicks is the official tag line of WP Rocket Plugin.

Under this WP Rocket, you will get everything that makes an ideal WordPress blog in terms of speed and caching.

This developer-friendly plugin delivers the Page Caching, Cache Preloading and, Static Files Compression free of cost once the plugin is activated.

You can review this website to check the improve performance over mobile – prabidhi

Following features are unavoidable:

  • Quick Setup
  • Database Optimization
  • Lazyload
  • Minification / Concatenation
  • CDN
  • Mobile Detection
  • GZIP Compression
  • Google Fonts Optimization

How to Install Plugins?

Simply, login to your WordPress blog and head over to the plugin segment.

Here you have two ways to add a plugin.

The first is a search box and the second is the upload box.

For the search box, you have to type the name of the plugin and click on activate and install.

For the upload box, you should have already plugin files, these files can be collected from the WordPress plugin subcategory.

Thus, you can add a new plugin to the WordPress blog.


I want to know your feedback.

Which plugin do you like the most?

Did you face any technical error while installing the plugin?

Let me know in the comment section, I will root out your queries shortly.

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