10 Best & Free SEO Tools in 2020

SEO Tools are necessary to have for better search engine ranking. Professional digital marketers cannot live without tools. To perform all the SEO and PPC strategy and finish the long work at the very least time, you always need to have the fastest and reliable SEO Online tools. 

This is the internet time, and digital marketers are allocated awesome and user-friendly free and premium SEO tools and software that run over the internet.

Today, in this article you will get a compressive list of popular SEO tools that can help you to make a strong online adverting methodology.

MOZ – Great SEO Tools and Software  

When you ever think about domain authority and page authority then MOZ first comes in your mind. Moz delivers high quality and user-friendly software and SEO Tools to diagnosis the website from scratch.

Moz is not just a tool, it’s the reliability of digital marketers who are fighting with Google algorithms to keep updated the website.

MOZ never disappoints its users and let them employ free chrome extensions to monitor every Google listing in Organic SERP.

For a website, you can understand the keyword intent, traffic-driving keywords, competitors tracking, on-page SEO recommendations by going through MOZ.com.

Prices – 30 Day Free Trial of Moz Pro 

SpyFu – Best Competitor Keyword Research Tool for PPC and PPC

Do you want to know the search marketing secretes of big brands?

SpyFu is Google Adwords and searches engine optimization oriented online tools that have several segments perform right keywords ranking strategy and improve the keywords ranking.

To make your business a brand, SpyFu SEO tool tell you traditional and advanced lead generation methods that work on social media platforms, search engines, emails, and PPC campaigns.

Through SpyFu, Paid and SEO search rankings can be monitored on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Additional Tools

  • Ad History
  • Domain Comparison
  • Adwords competitors
  • Backlink checker

Siteliner – Hunt Duplicate Text Content on Website

You may be surprised after getting known that Siteliner is the core product of Copyscape. Means site liner and Copyscape’s founders are the same.

Are you facing duplicate content and broken links problems on your website? With the siteliner, you can recognize the key issues affecting your website performance.

Visit sideliner SEO online tool that reveals all redirections, internal and external broken links and so on.

Siteliner free SEO tool shows the total match words available on the website along with the percentage. In the free siteliner dashboard, around 250 webpages can be examined easily.

If a website consists of more than 250 pages, go for the premium version.

Yoast SEO – Most loved SEO WP Plugin

Everyone who runs WordPress blog especially small business owners and the website no matter what type, they can install Yoast SEO plugin at free.

Yoast SEO plugin helps to setup Google webmaster tool and XML sitemaps right after installing into.

This SEO WordPress plugin performs the SEO analysis of content like keyword density, what is focused key phrase etc. when you paste your content into the body.

You can know how many inbound and outbound links into the article.

This SEO Free WP tool lets you check the character and pixel length of the title tag and description tag and preview the Meta tags at the same time. You can specify your webpage for the Google search engine by fixing a particular keyword.

Yoast SEO is considered the SEO powerhouse for wordpress bloggers.

Answer the Public – Search Listening Tool for Marketers

Honestly, I love Answer the public SEO tool.

It is a search engine for bloggers and content marketers who always hunt for new blog post ideas to write on.

Answer the Public to reveal what people are searching for. This online SEO tool collects queries from forums, social media platforms, and SERP features.

Choose a suitable location and language and enter the right key phrase and conduct viral content research. You have the privilege to extract the long tail and short tail search queries and features to create the excel reports at the moment.

Get the instant a list of questions right from the searchers’ mindsets.

Price – Free answer the public SEO tool is enough at a beginner level. To extend the features, go for a paid plan.

Screaming Frog – SEO Spider & Crawler Tool

Download this free SEO online software to crawl your website pages to examine loading speed, technical SEO errors, etc.

Screaming Frog tool is being operated by a UK-based marketing agency since 2010. Before employing the reliable screaming frog tool, you can connect with the managing team to root out your quires regarding this awesome software.

To get the advantages of additional functionality, you have to buy a license.

Ahrefs – SEO Software Suits

Ahrefs tool tells you how much traffic your competitors are getting and on which keywords they are ranked on Google SERP.

Start with a seven-day free trial just paying $7. Digital marketer folks admire Ahrefs a lot because they get such valuable features inside the Ahrefs Dashboard – Core competitor Analysis reports, the exact list of keywords research along with monthly searches and original list of backlinks.

Next, Ahrefs delivers an awesome location-specific rank tracking feature so that reports can be generated easily.

Some Additional Features – 

  • 24/5 Customers Support
  • Updated New Tools
  • competitor’s backlinks

Price – Starting at $99 

Google Search Console – Check Indexing Status and Website Issues

For the fast indexing and improved the performance of a website, Google search console must essential.

Google search console produces performance reports, coverage overview, webpages issues like 404 not found and soft including 500 status codes.

Additionally, schema related issues are found inside the search console dashboard.

But this Google-operated GCS, you get a list of keywords that are being searched in the Google Search results along with their landing webpages and the best thing is, all these you are delivered free of cost from the beginning.


  • Speed Checker
  • Linked link to the domain property
  • URL inspection to check the index status
  • Site Audit feature

Prices – No charge

SEMRush – Online Visibility Management Platform

SEMRush is the next level best spot for the digital marketing professional to boost their website keywords ranking. SEMRush is a Freemium online website analyzer tool that is known for technical SEO audit reports.

Technical SEO audit reports provide you in-depth real-time data where you stand in the Google SERP and what needs to be done exactly to improve the website on-page, off-page, and Technical webpage Optimization strategies.

SEMRush also involves paid search analysis tool for PPC search, remarketing and display campaigns.

SEMRush social media analyzer guides a social media manager on how to go into FB and LinkedIn Paid adverting.


  • Content and PR for excellent marketing results and find trending topics.
  • Market research tools for discovering competitors’ strategies at the time.
  • SEMRush is recommended by SEO professionals.

KWFinder – Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

KWFinder is the best classic keyword research and analysis tool that helps you to get long-tail keywords that have less competition.

KWFinder is a go-to SEO tool that offers you two different sections – search by keywords and search by domains.

In the search by keywords, three spaces need to be filled – keyword, location, and language and press the find keywords button.

You can discover keywords that your website can easily rank for. There is no secret to select the appropriate keywords, go for low competitive and high search volume key phrases.


Do you want me to describe any other SEO Tool? Let me know in the comment section with the URL.

Also, tell me which tool is your favorite and why?

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