15 Best Free Domain Name Generators in 2020

Are you seeking for a popular and traffic generator domain name? I can advise you and provide you the best free domain name generators so that you can effortlessly buy a reliable and decent domain name for your website, venture and business or blog.

Reaching out up to a fresh and unique domain name is not a cakewalk. Millions of domain names have been registered already so far, it may be a long way to discover an authentic name for a website that would be adopted for your products.

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Just not need to pay attention to the domain name, domain extension also has the potential to get you directions towards the success.

Below, I am preparing 16 best domain name generators that contain all the needed features to make your website name live.

All these domain name creators will display both registered domains and not so far booked domain name.

Thoughts to Keep in Mind While Running a Domain Search

Once acquiring a domain name you cannot change the words or characters you have taken. The domain works as your land property, once the land is bought, you cannot minimize or maximize in squares and meters.

Also, getting a domain name registered, you have to accomplish search engine optimization techniques to get ranked a website and domain name helps you to make a website viral promptly.

Always hunt .Com

Have you ever thought why all bloggers recommend .com domain extension?

Probably not!

Personally, .Com domain extension is the most recognizable and popular extension among. It increases the trust of visitors who are landing on the blog.

  • 48% of websites and blogs are running on the .com extension.
  • Many bloggers would like to assume that your domain name will end with .com word.
  • Sometimes search engines favor the .com domain extensions
  • If you have .com, no need to dive into TLDs concepts.
  • .Com improves the credibility of your business.

Keyword-oriented Domain Name

Are you an SEO expert? If you are then you would understand what I want to say.

I am an SEO guy so I know how a keyword can make the domain name popular shortly.

Do some keywords research for the domain name.

You can opt for seed keywords. I hope you know what seed keywords are.

If you get a keyword-based domain name then you are blessed.

I Recommend Short Name


The short domain name generators are built-in tools in domain name creators.

The short name is easy to remember.

The above three thoughts are enough to go on domain name hunters.

Start with namemesh.

1. namemesh.com

You should start your domain researching procedure from the namemesh domain name generator tool. A searched desired domain name will be present in the different formats along with more than 50+ domain name ideas.

This tool offers you seven different results for a particular domain name.

You will get domain names in the format of common, New, short, extra, similar, SEO, Fun, and lastly Mix categories.

Namemesh tool search box

Let me describe one by one:

  • Common name – The exact domain name you are looking for will display with all the domain extension availability.
  • New Name – get the domain name with new gTLD. You might prefer to have .app, .site, .blog etc.
  • Short name – get shortest domain names for you searched. This tool will remove a few words from the searched domain name.
  • Extra – get a domain name list with added words.
  • Similarly – you might be given domains that are similar to the desired domain name.
  • SEO – Some new words would be added to your domain name to improve the keyword relevancy. This list of domains might belong.
  • Fun – some specific characters would be added to make the domain name interesting.
  • Mix – Last segment but also an amazing way to explore a domain property for a website.

This Generator tool will combine all the words you will put and automatically will check the domain availability for different domain extensions.

Do you know about a new generic top-level domain name? Yes, can have the more domain names with newly released domain extensions like .company, .Bran, Business, .Tech etc.

First, this tool will offer you the shortest domain names.

Additionally, this tool helps to create a distinct company name generator tool for your new startup or business name. This is a new searchable server by namemesh that can be started using free.

2. Domainwheel.com

Through the domainwheel.com tool, you can find the appropriate domain name for the website. Simply enter your search word, pick a domain name and pick a new domain name for your business. 


Like the namemesh.com tool, this Domainwheel also offers a variety of categories terms where you can reach out in just a single click. These direct tools are listed below the domain search box.

Visit the Domainwheel website to get the short domain name by using the AI-Oriented domain generator tool, as this domain generator claims. 

Do not wanna go for a domain search? Head over to premium domain names sections.


The simplest domain search box is given on the DOMAINTYPER domain generator tool. On this website, the search tool is connected with the SSL layer to make the domain name search procedure secure.

Security means your activities will not be bookmarked or tracked on the domaintyper tool. You can perform the various searches on this free short website name generator.

Pros –

  • Get more than 1700+ domain extensions.
  • Domaintyper work as Domain Auctions as well.
  • Easily get country level, generic names, new generic TLDs.
  • When you type a name in the search box, the tool starts suggesting to you different name availability at the moment.
  • You can edit or add new extensions. Check your domain name on social networks before buying to confirm its uniqueness. 

Cons –

  • I could not find any disadvantages of this tool.
  • This is one of the awesome free domain name finder platforms, use starting today.


You can add multiple names at the same time in the DOMAIN PUZZLER Domain finder tool. Along with this search, select your required domain extensions before pressing the “search” button.

Between the multiple words, a comma is necessary to make the words separate.

Get an awesome list of suggested domain names with availability status.

Pros –

  • Use a total of 18+ domain extensions.
  • Easy, advanced, magic and page rank features help to narrow the search and find more relevant and specific domain names.

Cons – This tool is very slow.

5. nameboy.com

Nameboy is one of the oldest domain name generator tools in the online market. Nameboy tool always analyzes the term you type in the search box and produce the best and ideal domain names for a business website.

The main role is played by the artificial intelligence algorithm to understand the keywords, comma, specific words, suffixes, and prefixes.

Nameboy instantly checks all the domain availability along with a variety of extensions so that the users can save their time. More than 100+ domain name is waiting for you.

Pros – Nameboy delivers the fastest results. The search box is less complicated.

Cons – No options for choosing the domain extensions alternatives. 

6. LeanDomianSearch

Easily find hand-picked catchy domains for your website on the LeanDomianSearch domain hunter tool. This is another amazing user-friendly tool that offers you several features to maximize the results.

You can narrow the results by using popularity, length, alphabetical features feature. While clicking on these options you will find changes in search results.

Additionally, this domain tool adds the extra words from the beginning of your searched term and the end of the searched term. You can change this formation using the following alternatives.

  • Stars with search terms
  • Ends with search terms

Pros –

  • A long list of domain names will be delivered once you search for a particular keyword.
  • Up to 95% accurate results you may get.
  • 100% free to use domain name generator tool without limitations. 

Cons – There are no options to select for domain extension like.COM, .In etc.

7. Bust a Name

On a bust a name domain discoverer tool, first, watch the video tutorial for learning the use of. The keywords you type would be combined to get a list of available domains.

All the features are added right below the domain search box. Get instant a list of related keywords, available domains and you can save any domain name suggestions to check it later or review.

Quick Domain Checker is an added search box that lets you know that with which extension your domain name available along with the “buy” button.

Pro –

  • Instant results. Join the affiliate program and make money.
  • Use a brandable domain name checker search box.

Cons – Dashboard design is ordinary. You may find it less interesting.


Looking for a business name to promote your services and product or just hunting for a simple domain name for your blog? DOMAINNAMESOUP free domain name generator that can help you to get registered an SEO friendly domain names that are easy to remember for website visitors.

DOMAINNAMESOUP provides an advanced domain name search tool where you can add letter/number/word to get booked the suitable domain name.

Pros –

  • Use multiple tools to find Cool Domains, Premium Domains, and Business Domain.
  • Domain Name Mangle will change the formation of words you will put into the search box.

Cons – No cons, too is amazing, start using today.

9. Namesmith

Looking for a creative business name generator tool? Namesmith is one of the most valuable handy domain name generator platform gives you the best business ideas. 

Add up to 5 different words at once in the domain search box and press search.

Moreover, Namesmith has the next-level platform in which you can opt for different domain extensions, as well as several domain name ideas, are generated by a tool like exact keywords, Blends, Rhymes, Modifications.

Pros – You may find keyword suggestions awesome.

Cons – only 5 keywords can be searched at once.

10. Domains Bot

Looking for the shortest domain name for a business? Most of the hunters always want to buy short names because such domain names are easy to remember and easy to understand. That’s why Facebook bought a short name to make the domain viral that is “FB”.

Collect the most country-code-top-level domain friendly (ccTLD) suggestions under the domains bot tool to extend the research area.

I mean this tool suggests the ideal domain names for local customers. Follow an effective domain search process and get a detailed dashboard along with all statics and information.

Pros –                        

  • Find domains in the 11 languages. 
  • Popular
  • domain name suggestions on all TLDs. 
  • Strong Data Protection Policy.

Cons – I did not find any cons. Domains Bot is a cool tool.

11. Shopify Business Name Generator          

In case If you do not find the above-mentioned tools helpful then go for this updated Shopify business name generator that is available free of cost.

The Shopify tool is awesome.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Eight types of different business name generators tools that are easy to use and all these eight categories relate to the Shopify eCommerce platform:

Are you running a clothing store, jewelry shop, boutique store or what? You can employ a separate domain finder tool for each one.

  • Clothing Store
  • Jewelry Store
  • Craft Store
  • Boutique
  • Fashion Store
  • Baby Store
  • Flower Shop
  • Furniture Store

Pros –

  • Less complicated domain name finder tool.
  • No need to register the Shopify website.
  • Fastest domain search tool.

Cons – You cannot choose domain extensions.

12. Panabee

You can easily find app names, business names, and domain names through the Panabee domain registration tool. Panabee tool lets you know about international domain names like co.uk, .in, and com.au and their availability.

Panabee has a safe and secure domain dashboard where you can store your domain name once registering and nobody can steal this domain name.

Panabee undergoes the keyword on abbreviations, phonemes, syllables, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends and provides suitable business names. The first list will be delivered on the .com domain extension.

Pros – Get a wide range of domain name suggestions.

Cons – Only two names can be searched at once in the search box.


The new interesting domain name generator is “impossibility”. 

You should try this tool. Let me take you inside this.

Before pressing the search button, this tool lets you add verbs, adjectives, nouns and decide how many words need to add with you searched domain name.

The second option, you need to choose where you do want to add all these above-mentioned terms, I mean at the beginning of the name or end of the name. 

Lastly, click on the search button.

Wasn’t this amazing tool!

Pros – you can save your time. Define your keyword in more specific ways.

Cons – no options for domain extensions.

14. Wordoid

Discover the catchy names for your company. Wordoid tells you plenty of high-quality words that would not be longer than 10 characters. You can conduct research using up to five languages.

Later, you can define the level of the word. I mean it should hard to spell or member or what.

Next, beginning and ending and middle words could be defined in the search box that will add your suggestions into domain name results.

The first result will be containing .com domain name extensions. With the WORDOID domain name generator tool you will end up with an ideal, unique and natural domain name for your website.

Pros – Simple tool, user-friendly selective features

Cons – There is no search box to search domain names.         

15. Namestall

Namestall is an intelligent naming tool and the most creative way to find a catchy name for a new startup.

You cannot avoid this namestalls domain tool.

Namestall delivers you collections of tools where you can get unique and trending domain name suggestions, brand name, and dictionary domain names and 3 & 4 letters domain names easily.

Do you not believe this?          

If you have great keywords ideas, head over to the namestall domain registration tool. A number of filtering tools may make a trustworthy domain name possible.

Pros –

  • Use Bulk Domain Search options to minimize your time.
  • Go for this mind-blowing Domain Name Brainstorm tool.
  • All tools are free to use.

Cons – this is a handy domain finder platform. No drawback.


So for whom you are waiting?

Run a domain search on all the domain finder tools online in 2020.

Still not being able to get one? Notify me in the comment section. I will assist you out shortly.

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