30+ Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers Join Today

Are you seeking for an honest affiliate program that can award you credits on sale?

I am going to list 30+ amazing and trusted and proven affiliate marketing programs that can pay you monthly and weekly payment directly in your bank account. And also you can make them your lifetime income resources.

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, then you should opt for affiliate marketing programs.

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Many newbie bloggers get overwhelmed after hearing affiliate marketing terms. In this, they will learn how to be great affiliate marketing like Neil Patel.

Join these following affiliate programs

  1. eBay

Register the eBay affiliate marketing program and start earning money online. eBay is an in-house affiliate marketing program and you can make online money when someone clicks on your provided link and the product will be sold out. eBay has fast money transferring service, once the project is sold, you will get the affiliate money within 24 hours.

First, you need to choose the product list you want to sell. Provide a link to reach out to the visitors on the product page. And make them understand by content how a product useful for them.

  • Money transferring method – PayPal
  • Minimum payment mode – $10
  • Make money on = Cost per actions (Product selling)
  • Niche – Ecommerce
  • Amount you can earn – not fixed

2. Shopstyle Collective

The next affiliate program is being run by the Shopstyle Collective shopping search engine. Place the Shopstyle Collective links on your website to make online money. This website collects the products from other websites and lists them on a single platform. Shopstyle Collective affiliate program lets the bloggers make some living and this can be increased over time by producing high-quality content. Rather you can create the widgets to share them among the followers and email marketing campaigns.

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First, you need to create your account and start examining which product you want to go for. Make a list of products along with their links. Start writing valuable content to engage the readers.

  • Niche – Ecommerce
  • Payment – PayPal
  • Money amount – not fixed, vary on the products

3. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is considered an award-winning affiliate marketing network, suitable for with bloggers as well as manufacturers. You can create a reliable and profitable partnership with FlexOffers, it has transparent money sending modules. Its affiliate products can be distributed in the form of images, text, and videos.

FlexOffers runs more than 12000 affiliate marketing programs you can join today.

Once the products are bought, you are delivered the product affiliate money through NET 7. Connect with dedicated Affiliate Managers of flexoffers and start making money online by employing products on your blog.

  • Payment Type – CPA, CPS, CPC, CPI.
  • Payment mode – PayPal

4. Impact Radius

Impact affiliate program runs plenty of affiliate networks and it is also a great source of making online money with your blog promotional strategy. First off, start creating an account on Impact Radius and understand the terms and conditions of the Impact Radius affiliate network. Then apply for the impact affiliate network to join, within 1-2 business days you will get a response for verification. A 30-day EPC sign will appear into affiliate dashboard to show your average earnings on affiliate products.

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Find the affiliate links you want to add to your blog. You will get a reward when those links will be clicked.

If you want to check all the affiliate networks, you need to visit the official website of the impact radius.

5. Dreamhost

Have you ever noticed, lots of bloggers are offering web hosting and domain names to buy? Web hosting programs are considered highly reliable in terms of legally and high payment per sale. Dreamhost is a web hosting brand that offers affiliate programs for bloggers to make money online.

Join the slandered Dream host affiliate program and earn referral money. Dreamhost offers you advance tracking URLs, alluring banners to place, easy to use dashboard and user-friendly functionality.

With the dream host affiliate program, you are given a minimum of $15 payout if you opt for a monthly plan. Under the yearly affiliate program, you are delivered up to a 50% minimum payout. Affiliate money is different for VPS and dedicated servers. Head over to the official website and connect with the human to root out all the questions.

  • Payment time – 97 days after signing up a product.
  • Money you can earn – $97 on each referral

6. Rakuten

Rakuten is contemplated the biggest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network over the internet. Rakuten lets the Advertisers, Merchants, Brands, and Publishers to join the verity of the affiliate network to earn online money. Rakuten pays the money based on several factors such as CTR, Click, and EPC, etc. Launch your publisher account, start selling the products, select the advertisers’ programs, collect the affiliate links and make live them on your blogs and analyze the affiliate report frequently to measure the performance.

Affiliate marketing requirements and recommendations are mentioned on the official website.

Rakuten is a reliable affiliate marketing service provider in the world since 2005.

Fee you may get – Not fixed, up to the product

7. Kinsta            

Join the kinsta affiliate marketing program and earn passive monthly income.

Kinsta is a popular web hosting company that launches quality affiliate programs for digital marketers. Web hosting affiliate programs are the first choices of bloggers who write on blogging, SEO and Content marketing and make the visitors understand how to start a blog on WordPress.

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Maximum amount you can earn on each sale – $500

Some features of Kinsta Affiliate program:

  • Unbeatable affiliate amount
  • You get set of features in the dashboard after creating the account
  • Get monthly payments through PayPal.
  • Real-time URL tracking options
  • Conversion time up to 60 days.
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Cookies work up to 60-days long.

Kinsta affiliate program is free to register, and everyone can join.

8. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the most loved eCommerce affiliate marketing network that can be started by everyone who works over the internet and running a blog. Many bloggers create a separate website to promote amazon products. You can join amazon associates or amazon affiliate program by visiting the Amazon website. Select the products that are attached to the affiliate bonus. Copy the product links and distribute them on social media platforms and your blogs. When those products links are clicked and products are grabbed, amazon pays you referral fees.

To make the money from Amazon s associates, you should have a website. While signing up, amazon asks you how to drive the traffic on your website. You have to fill all the information correctly then amazon managers will review your account and other things.

  • $ You make – not fixed, vary on products

9. SiteGround

Siteground offers domain name, web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers across the world along with customer support. People who want to start websites over the internet, they likely to buy web hosting from a reliable web hosting provider like siteground.

You should add a siteground affiliate program into your list as this web hosting firm delivers a high referral fee from $50 to $500 on a single hosting account sign up. You can get your affiliate money every week just after completing the first 30-days joining period.

Payment you will get under Siteground affiliate program:

  • 1-5 Sales /mo $50 /sale
  • 6-10 Sales/mo $75 /sale
  • 11-20 Sales /mo $100 /sale
  • 21+ Sales/mo Custom Commissions

10. Bluehost

Bluehost is also run a web hosting affiliate marketing program the same as the site ground. This web hosting company gives opportunities for bloggers to promote their Webhosting products and services through their blogs.

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There are no restrictions for anyone to join and earn money from the Bluehost affiliate marketing partnership. If you are a blogger then you can recommend Bluehost hosting plans to your visitors and increase the sales.

  • $ You get – $65 on each sign up

A valuable set of features are offered by the Bluehost affiliate program

  • Anyone can join at free of cost
  • Advanced, customized technology to make ensure the tracking
  • A dedicated affiliate manager to help you to place products
  • More sales mean more earning on per sale
  • User-friendly dashboard       

11. Teachable

Teachable is a course creation website, where anyone can build course website to teach the students online. It may be useful for teachers because online tutoring is in high demand.

Well, Teachable offers a trustworthy affiliate advertising program in which you have to sell just a single product to your visitors.

You can make ongoing monthly income after the registering for the teachable affiliate program. Teachable pay you up to 30% commission on the one sign up (90-Days Cookie). Follow the conversion-optimized funnels from the teachable website after signing up the account for affiliate earnings.

  • Average monthly income – From $39 to $499 per month.
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Duration – payout every month

12. CloudWays

Enroll the Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program to get the high paying commission. Cloudways affiliate managers claim that they offer industry-best affiliate commission on the sale of web hosting plans. Maximum amount on the single web hosting account you can get up to $125. On Cloud ways website, the products are limited means you do not go into long lists like eCommerce website.

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Just head over the cloudways and join their web hosting and server affiliate program. Go for affiliate links to refer your visitors. Also get the promotional banner to place on your website, exclusive deals to increase the referral fee and additional occasional offers.


  • Affiliate-friendly Tracking System
  • Performance Reporting
  • Get full credit for product selling
  • Promotion Offers

13. WP Engine

WP engine presents a specific affiliate program on managed WordPress web hosting. Start recommending WordPress-oriented web hosting to WordPress users and earn industry-leading referral money every month.

Rather you can connect with the WP engine and studio press at the same time. WP engine delivers the Custom and optimized funnels to improve the affiliate money. And also give the best WordPress blog hosting to the buyers.

  • $200 is the maximum amount of per web hosting
  • 35% commission on the one sign up of studio press
  • Get the advantages of funnels that are designed and optimized for your blog visitors.

14. GoDaddy

Bloggers at the beginner level always want to be the publisher of Godaddy web hosting products. Does Godaddy offer high payout or high demand for web hosting?

No matter what but Go Daddy is the largest web hosting company in the world as well as domain reseller.

After becoming the Godaddy affiliate marketer, you will earn up to 15% commission on per sale.

Apart from the web hosting solutions, you can make money for selling SSL certificate and domain name under the Godaddy web hosting affiliate marketing program.

You need to make live hosting affiliate links in the form of banners, text, and links on your blog. While signing up the web hosting account, copy the tracking URL to add it on the blog.

  • Niche – web hosting, domain, SSL, servers, cloud, etc.
  • Minimum payment threshold – $90

15. Convert Kit

Convert kit deals in email marketing to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and sales through effective email marketing campaigns. Convert Kit also lets the bloggers and site owners attach links of affiliate products on the respective blogs to make earning.

Anyone can start earning money from the Convert kit affiliate program. You do not require being a customer or partner or need to sign on the agreement. Just visit the website sign up for the affiliate program.

Learn the convert kit tool as well as features and make the reader and business owners understand how the email marketing influences their audience so that they will start employing the convert kit tool.

All the required instruments you will get like a dashboard, sales tracking system etc.

  • Niche – Email marketing online tool
  • Earn up to 30% money on a sale

16. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is another web hosting platform that is a Good way to narrow your affiliate marketing strategy. Liquid Web claims the web hosting industry’s most profitable affiliate referral program.

Through your blogging, refer the web hosting plans to your friends. You will be given the 50% additional bonus on a single sale. I mean if you make a sale that costs $29, at the end of the month you will receive a $150 commission.

  • Niche – web hosting.
  • Send mail to join affiliate program – affiliateprogram@liquidweb.com

17. Elementor                      

Again you have to offer a single product that a WordPress theme combing a page builder premium plugin after joining the Elementor affiliate program.

A dedicated support team will help you to build your affiliate tracking links and handing dashboard.

You will get 50% money on each sign up you will make as well as an affiliate kit to operate and manage all the activities regarding the elementor affiliate program.

  • Niche – WordPress-oriented page builder plugin
  • Product Number – Page creator plugin

18. LeadPages

Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program is the next resource to make online money easily. Earn 30% recurring commission on selling out one product.

Leadpages is the best combination of lead generation tools that lets you promote this set of tools and get a certain amount of money on a weekly and monthly basis.

 I always recommend choosing a single product-based affiliate program.

19. Hostinger

Hostinger is just another web hosting company like Godaddy and site ground. And hostinger runs a hosting affiliate programs the same as siteground and GoDaddy.

Terms and conditions are almost the same as other hosting providers when it comes to recurring commission, earning a fee, tacking URLs and so on. Hostinger web hosting plans contain great functionality.

  • Category – Webhosting
  • $ Commission – $75

20. OptimizePress

Optimize press is the best landing page WordPress builder. Start promoting the longest-running page builder affiliate marketing program.

Optimizepress gives you around 30% referral fee per sign up of page builder. This page builder contains different packages like essential, business and suit packages.

You may be surprised, optimizepress also gives the renewal commissions and this is the first affiliate program in my list that offers referral fee on renewals.

  • Nice – WordPress product
  • Product to sale – Single product

You can make – $59.70 per sale

21. Etsy

Etsy is the platform for perfect handmade gifts, vintage & on-trend clothes, and unique jewelry. Everyone can join the Etsy affiliate program to earn passive income.

Visit the Etsy affiliate webpage and sign up for the program. There is a large affiliate community that has been already sharing Etsy affiliate products.

Share the Etsy affiliate links on blogs on which your visitors are landing.

Product types = set of several products on the website

Money – Not fixed

22. SEMRush

BeRush is the official name of the SEMRush referral platform. SEMRush gives you up to 40% maximum prices of the product on each subscription sale.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, YouTubers then you can easily join the SEMRush affiliate program. Even though, there are no restrictions for anyone to join the platform and earn money. But professional bloggers and YouTubers will able to sell out the SERMRush tools easily.

Three steps you need to follow – Join the semrush, market the product links and earn money.

Within, 60 seconds you can register the semrush account.

Product number – SEMRush online tool

Tool Names – Backlink tool, SEO analysis tool, Keyword research tools, etc.

Income – $80 on each sale.

23. HostGator

HostGator is a Houston-based web hosting provider that transfers high commission prices once the web hosting solution is bought by someone.

Add yourself to the Hostgator affiliate marketing program and consult with affiliate experts to know the fast money making procedure.

How much money you will earn:-

  • $65 on each signup up to five sales
  • $75 on each sign up to 6-10 sales
  • $100 on each sign up to 11-20 sales
  • $125 on each sign up when you make sale 20+ sign ups.

24. Buzzsprout

To increase the sale of podcast hosting, buzzsprout let the bloggers promote the podcast web hosting and get back a certain referral fee on each sale.

Are you adopting a podcast marketing strategy to build your business revenue? This time plenty of bloggers are utilizing podcasts as the second promotional method.

To help those bloggers, buzzsprout helps them by offering podcast hosting so that the bloggers can run their podcast efficiently.

Write content on how to podcast marketing is valuable for them and how a podcast web hosting can deliver comfort.

Earn $25 for every paid referral or a 20% recurring lifetime commissions by joining with the Buzzsprout affiliate program.

  • Earn $25 each time
  • 20% recurring lifetime commissions for the lifetime

25. HubSpot

Hubspot is one of the best reliable inbound marketing sales and software tools provider. Become a HubSpot Affiliate and start generating income from your blog content.

Earn up to $1000 commission per sale. Embed affiliate links in blog posts and share them among your friends and through email campaigns.

  • Basic commission is $250
  • Profession commission – $500
  • Enterprise referral fee – $1000
  • Cookie deadline up to 90 days

26. NameCheap

Become a Namecheap Affiliate. Namecheap is an Arizona-based ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, which provides web hosting and domain name registration.

NameCheap provides the affiliate guide to make you understand what process needs to be followed

What will you get?

  • 20% commission on one domain sale
  • 35% commission one VPS, dedicated and shared hosting.
  • 35% commission on SSL Certificate

How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Everyone wants to make money through affiliate marketing. But some of them get failed.

No marketer wants to be failed.

First off, you should learn what is affiliate marketing exactly? How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing techniques are a crucial segment of online marketing, in which an affiliate marketer joins the affiliate programs of various companies to sell out their products and services and get benefited from fixed referral money. All the affiliate marketing programs and networks are free to participate. Once enrolling you have to promote the products consistently.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Two things matter a lot.

First, you should have a blog. It will be yours.

Second, you have signed up an affiliate program and selected the products to promote.

A refer code is allocated to you. Sometimes you get banners, images, text or links from the affiliate programs. This refer code or link can be utilized anywhere (no necessary on your blog).

The next thing is Traffic.

You must have potential traffic on your website. Without traffic, you cannot become an affiliate marketer.

Simply, who will click on referral links for products in case you are not getting traffic?

Learn to Be Successful Affiliate

These are few bloggers that teach you to be a thriving affiliate marketer. Learn new affiliate strategies from these bloggers.

  • smartpassiveincome.com
  • matthewwoodward.co.uk
  • charlesngo.com
  • zacjohnson.com
  • johnchow.com

Learn From mistakes 

A Good learner always tries to learn from mistakes. He or she never repeats mistakes. Once said –Your mistakes are the best teacher. Observe which obstacles are preventing you from being a successful affiliate.

Master about the product

You must have all the knowledge about the products you are going to promote. Without sufficient data, you would not be able to write detailed and awesome blog posts to engage the readers.

Before choosing the product, conduct research for pros and cons.

Craft the best structure of content, gather the graphics for products and adjust them using the best ways.

Follow Consistently

In a day or month, you cannot reach out right destinations. What all affiliate marketing methodology you are putting, follow them for long, then you will be able to analyze the performance reports.

Why you should Enroll Affiliate marketing programs?

I have recommended more than 30+ different affiliate programs that you can join at any time. But before joining you should some strong reasons to work on them because they are directly affecting your career.

Lots of hard works you need to do to make your affiliate campaign successful.

Most of the bloggers still do not know the power of affiliates. They promote the products at free of cost.

I have been plunging into the ocean of affiliate marketing, I am observing how could have been wondering if I would have joined some affiliate marketing program to make earning.

But you should not repeat the mistakes like me. Just find a reason and go ahead.

Do your work from any location

When you become an affiliate marketer, no necessary to stay in one place. You can make tours across the nation or world. Just holding a laptop, internet connection you can earn heavy money from online affiliate marketing programs once enrolling.

Schedule your time

When you serve as an employee in an office for the boss, you are to follow a busy schedule like 10 to 7 or 9 to 6 as others. But while earning from affiliate marketing you become your boss. You can set your working hours to make the time flexible. For affiliate marketers, 24 hours are their property. Adopting a stern regulation they can develop strong and lucrative money-making sources.

No Money Limitations

Observe the top affiliate marketer like Neil Patel, He has been securing huge money through affiliate marketing funnels no matter he is sleeping or waking up, he earns every time.

Massive Income Resource

You will earn as per your hard work and attempts you set. In affiliate marketing, fix earning does not exist. More visitors will land on your blog, the more money you will collect.

Just heed on the content quality and search engine optimization techniques to heighten the referral fee.


Start picking the affiliate programs and working hard to draw the traffic on the blog.

If you can gain traffic, you can become everything. Without traffic your blog is nothing.

Ask questions in the below comment section.

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